Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry X Miss: Scene 6

'Tis the season for filthy festive frivolity and hot'n'horny holiday action. To celebrate this always arousing time of the year we have a wonderful piece of yule tide Synth Erotica that will have your stocking's dripping and your mistletoe's curled. Merry X Miss from Vantage Productions was released in 1986 under the astute direction of adult auteur Jack Remy and is an opus of depravity and debauchery with a delightfully festive theme.

From perverted elves to pornographic presents this is a true holiday special that makes for some super hot action and accompanying all this festive fornication is a soundtrack that pays homage to the christmas sounds we love, while adding synthesized sounds of the season to sex things up. Written and performed by Jeff Mullen the soundtrack traverses many styles but scene six, where Merry X Miss herself finally gets her halls decked and her pudding plumbed by Francois Papillon to classicly performed Synth Erotica. The total rapture moaned by Samantha Strong makes for the perfect vocal track accompanying the chorus.

Merry X Miss Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse

I'd like to thank all readers and listeners of Synth Erotica for your patronage and support of Synth Erotica in 2011, it's been a great first year for the site and I look forward to sharing many more sensual symphonies with you in 2012.

I hope everyone has a hardcore holiday and nubile new year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deep Throat 2: Scene 3

Deep Throat 2 from Arrow productions was releases in 1986 as a follow up to the 70s adult classic. This affair focussed on the daughter of the eponymous character portrayed by Linda Lovelace. Deep Throat 2 is a politically themed production with Krista Lane playing the wife of a senator who's attempting to ban pornography. When she becomes possessed by the spirit of her clitorally-challenged mother the sex begins and is unrelenting as the passionate awakening of Krista Lane leaves many limp and lifeless bodies in her wanton wake.

Scene three is the feature's orgy scene, with Ashley Moore, David Morris and Frank Serrone looking for some afternoon delight and finding willing companions in Krista Lane and Tasha Voux. The sheer drama of this outdoor action is punctuated by the powerfully epic Synth Erotica that pounds the participants into total ecstacy. The chords of complete carnal consternation are accented by dominating drums that drive the dirty doings to dramatically depraved dimensions. Feel the power and ferocity of this especially epic piece of pure Synth Erotica.

Deep Throat 2 Scene 3 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sex F/X: Scene 4

Sex F/X from the Zane Entertainment Group was released in 1986 under the direction of Darrell Lovestrange. This sci-fi sexcapade is unrelenting in it's power charged action but it's soundtrack eclipses all visual stimulation by a massive, dripping, margin.

The reason for this? One word: foreplay. Musical foreplay is commonly referred to as the 'intro' but it's this introduction to the music that sets the scene and gets the mood just right. It's a warming up, and the gorgeous piece of Synth Erotica we're visiting with today provides ample foreplay before it drops megatons of explosively raw sexuality. The teasing and coyness of the intro makes you long for the full-stroke of the meat of the track and as the drums and guitars lead in we experience full depth aural penetration as the sexfunk electro synths shake us to our very cores. How Tracey Adams and Jason Brooks managed to not explode into a symphony of orgasmic ecstacy when it hits is beyond me. What a ride, and what a superb piece of classic Synth Erotica.

Sex FX Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dreams Of Natasha: Scene 3

It's always a surprise to find new erotic classics from the 80s. There was so many movies produced in this period that one often finds gems that have very little history or exposure, often being released originally on VHS and then never heard of again. There were so many companies producing this entertainment that I fear much has been lost over the years. But these new movies surface regularly, out of nowhere one is exposed to the delectable rarities. The big studios, the Cabellero's, the VCA/X's and many other still continue to be prolific smut peddlers, and their legacy movies get remastered and re-released, but theres many that have fallen by the wayside. This post is dedicated to those studios who are but a memory, yet theres always hope to share the love.

Dreams of Natasha came out in 1985 from A&H Sales, this sex-dream fantasy oriented production under the direction of Pablo Cairo contains one of only three performances by British pornstarlet Vidya. This scene with the ever competent Jesse Eastern and Vidya is a special affair, not only because of it's rarity, but because of it's truly filthy electrosleaze Synth Erotica soundtrack. This minimalist piece makes up for it's apparent lack of complexity with oozing percussion and dripping bass that is titillating in its entirety. As subgenre of Synth Erotica, electrosleaze is a dirty and breakbeat driven style that teases and arouses the listener with it's sounds in an almost free form manner that creates an aura of electrifying passion.

Dreams of Natasha Sc3 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moonstroked: Scene 2

Moonstroked from 1988 is one exceptional piece of adult entertainment. Not only is the cast full to the gills with AAA grade talent and action but the premise for the plot is total porno brilliance. In a stroke of genius the plot involves Marc Wallice discovering a magical photocopier that turns paper images into real life objects. So scanning a centrefold results in the actual girl appearing, all hopped up with wanton desires for coital chicanery. This sci-fi themed feature is 80s adult entertainment par excellence.

Scene two has recently brought to life centrefold Nikki Randall making sweet and filthy love with Randy Spears. Nikki Randall is always a star performer but this time she's entirely upstaged by the completely magnificent soundtrack. This is one star studded synthscapade of spacy sounds that are a stellar symphony and a rollicking and raunchy rocket ride. The synth solo beginning at 2:43 of the track is essentially one long continous climax of orgasmic orchestrations. Exhilaratingly and exhaustively erotic to the end.

Moonstroked Scene 2 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thrill St. Blues: Scene 9

The delightfully titled Thrill St. Blues isn't the kinds of porno-parody you might be expecting. It's not a cop sex drama as might be assumed, but instead a simple tale of a brothel (located in Thrill St, of course) and foregoes any kind of structural story by instead focussing on short vignettes based on the works and clients at Thril St.
The sex action is outstanding, gorgeous girls absolutely salivating for salami, and Jamie Gillis and Paul Thomas put in some marvellously wacky performances as the bsuinesses perverted patrons.

This release from Western Visuals in 1985 has a very impressively written and performed soundtrack. From the quality opening theme to the end credits score is a tour de force of saxophone driven rock and break beat synths. Scene nine is the standout track and the high water mark for musicianship and sexiness. Tom Byron and Joanna Storm make magically mesmerizing motions to the horniest of horns and the most sensual of synths. Take a trip down to Thrill St, and a dare you to come back unsatisfied.

Thrill St Blues Scene 9 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Head Games - Masterpiece Synth Erotica

Head Games is a relatively unknown gem in the grand archive of 80s video pornography from Western Visuals. Created in 1985 this wonderfully erotic experience contains a sterling soundtrack from John Further that covers many genres but contains three absoloutely exceptional pieces of pure Synth Erotica that are sure to entertain and arouse. The story follows a soap opera style plot rife with seduction, cheating, fantasies and forbidden pleasures. The female cast, lead by Amber Lynn, may not be considered a heavily star-studded line up but the action and wanton desire displayed in all scenes is undoubtedly top-shelf adult fare. As one of Bruce Seven's lesser know features Head Games is a very fine example of the golden age of adult entertainment.

The first sex scene per se is a lesbian triste between Amber Lynn and Aurora. The seduction by Amber Lynn is all Aurora can to resist, but it takes Amber little time to get to pleasuring Aurora as only a girl can. This first scene provides our first piece of Synth Erotica with a real treat of what is essentially John Further's re-imagining of Harold Faltermeyer's Axel F. The similarities are uncanny, but the sexualised synth work is supremely sexier in this incarnation thanks to the extra layer of sleaze Further has beautifully worked in.

Head Games Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Our next dalliance in deabauchery arrives in scene six with Amber Lynn and Peter North doing what they do best; poolside. Peter North is always a machine-like performer and Amber Lynn is in orgasmic overload for the duration of the animalistic aquatic action. This time the eminent Mr Further takes some inspiration from Duran Duran's Rio, but adds a sordid synth solo that runs almost the duration of the track. This is a sythphony of unbridled eroticism as the notes climb so does our arousal to the ultimately wet and satisfying conclusion.

Head Games Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse

The last scene we'll be visiting on this juicy journey is the final all girl scene, this time a three way girl on girl on girl affair with Karen Summers, Caressa and Heather Wayne making full use of a bubble filled bath tub. The score comes in fresh this time with no obvious inspiration and instead shines as a truly original musical masterpiece with a driving bass line that is accented with some of the hottest and horniest synth solos ever. An aural orgasm that takes the girls over the edge into orgasmic oblivion.

Head Games Scene 7 by Rick Shithouse

Such greatness found in John Further's work in uncommon. His works inspired by others and his own creations have made Head Games, in particular, a superb example of classic Synth Erotica. I hope they provide you the same inspiration, and arousal, as they did for me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dream Jeans: Scene 5

Dream Jeans from Caballero Home Video uses one of the classic porno movie plot devices of using an object that creates wanton nymphomaniacs of anyone who uses/eats/drinks/watches or, in this case, wears them. The titular Dream Jeans once donned change the wearer from a frigid frump into a horny hottie in seconds, with pornographic pleasures next on their agenda. Interestingly the cast of Dream Jeans is a lower-tier affair, without any of the upper echelon performer of the time present but this goes great length to show you didn't need pornstar-power to create a brilliantly bawdy bonkfest.

Scene five finds Johnny Nineteen driving a van of Dream Jeans stock from the manufacturer and picks up a hitchhiking Mikki Anderson who takes very little time to change into a pair of Dream Jeans and then gives Johnny Nineteen some hot oral favours for his troubles. This sleazily sumptuous scene is driven by some of filthiest and downright rudest Synth Erotica I'm yet to experience. Performed by X.S. Force this is a tour de force of synth work so dirty that you'll need a shower by it's sizzlingly sweaty conclusion.

Dream Jeans Scene 5 by Rick Shithouse

Johnny Nineteen and Mikki Davidson

Monday, October 17, 2011

Deux Belles Garces: Fantasy 3

Our second visit to the elicit shores of Marc Dorcel's 1988 masterpiece Deux Belles Garces had come none too soon. The resplendent raunch of Duke Deville's kinky keyboards are well worth a second bite of the cherry.

This soundtrack provides accompanyment to a daydream interlude in which Carmelo Petrix is having rampant fantasies about a female worker at his auto shop. The delicately dirty Janny Salson provides all the imaginary stimulation Carmelo can handle with her seductively stripping to a soundtrack of deeply sexualised Synth Erotica. What this little diry ditty lacks in length, like most true satisfiers, it makes up for it in pure girth.

Deux Belles Garces Fantasy 3 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, October 8, 2011

WPink-TV: Scene 5

Can you believe it's taken more than 50 journeys in Synth Erotica to finally have one in the accompaniment of the emminent Mr Ron Jeremy? I find this a very confounding fact based on the sheer amount of adult material he performed in throughout the 80s. Ron Jeremy always brings his own inimitable charm to any scene he partakes in and I for one find his sexual antics very entertaining. WPINK-TV from Paradise Visuals was released in 1984 and is a fantastic exponent of a porno movie with lots of great parodies. This one taking on the great 80s indpendant TV station (think a sexxxy Vidiot From UHF). We get lots of gags and spoofs and a truly powerhouse cast that know their trade very, very well.

By the time we get to scene five the sex and laughs are in full swing and the handsomely hirsute hero (Ron Jeremy) gets to have his wild way with the tantalisingly torrid Tiffany Storm. A simple scene, without many trappings of the rest of the feature, but this scene needs very little to get things dripping in all the right places with a soundtrack of synth brilliance complete with break beat fills and melodies that are lusciously and lasciviously layered. An action packed piece of Synth Erotica that definitely makes for some very arousing moments.

WPink-TV Scene 5 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Poonies: Scene 9

The lesbian scene used to be a common and strategically placed departure from the usual boy-girl action in the lion's share of classic adult cinema from the golden age of pornography. Usually placed in the middle or towards the end of the feature, it would provide a change of pace, or add an extra plot twist triste to the scenarios. Personally, this was usually a highlight for myself and my own personal tastes, and I was sad to see this disappear from most modern porn which is usually too wrapped up in delivering only 'one' type of action for duration of the feature. Some of the more developed productions are bringing back the glorious girl-girl scene, but I doubt it'll ever reach the lofty heights of the classic 80s ones. Like most things in general.

But I digress. Poonies is a hacky stab at translating the plot of Goonies to the porn world. I say hacky because it only bares any resemblance to the original inspiration in a few elements from Goonies. There's no Sloth, or truffle shuffles or even pirate ships. But there is a lots of very hot sex and the lack of capitalising on the Goonies name is made up for with gorgeous girls hungry to sate their sexual appetites any way they can.

Scene 9 is Poonies' all girl vignette. Beginning with Ginger Lynn enjoying her own company in the most intimate way possible before Bionca and Heather Wayne take her to lusciously licentious licking love in of lesbian loving. As the girls simmer and sizzle their sexual heat the soundtrack is utterly entrancing and excitingly erotic. The waves of bassline driven Synth Erotica are unrelenting and panty dampening beyond the girls' self control. This piece of pure synthesized sex is one of those tracks you'll be enraptured by instantly.. and like Ginger says, I don't think you'll be fast forwarding this one.

Poonies Scene 9 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lust Potion of Dr. F: Scene 7

From the always magical year of 1986 comes The Lust Potion of Dr. F from prolific studio Western Visuals. The porno gimmick of the scientist developing some magical elixir that leads to everyone getting laid by super hot pornvixens is a classic device, but this lovely romp twists things into a more Jekyll and Hyde affair with Mike Horner taking this wonderdrug and being transformed into a pure beefcake male stripper played by Chris Chase (complete with red bow tie and collar) that allows him to have all manner of fornicating forays with his staff and anyone else who gets in the way.

The finale for the movie find Dr F bedding the true object of his dirty desires, the perenially pornolicious Krista Lane. Under the guise of his Chippendale-esque alter ego he has his licentious liasion with her to her gratious satisfaction. But the performance from Ms Lane is not the real highlight. Alas the pure sexual ecstacy provided by the the copulating couple is massively overshadowed by an enigmatic and dazzling synthual overture. The groans and moans of Krista provide the perfect vocal track to this mesmerizing music, a symbiosis of synths and sex making for some incendiary intimate intercourse.

Lust Potion of Dr F Scene 7 by Rick Shithouse

Monday, September 19, 2011

Body Music: Scene 2

Body Music from 1989 is one of those delightful little smutfests that delivers pure unadulterated sexfilled sleaze of the finest quality courtesy of Dreamland Entertainment. Todays vintage VHS visitation takes to the second scene where we find the enormously endowed Keisha lounging in her jacuzzi awaiting Peter North to make her feel like a woman again. And again, and again....

The jacuzzi is one of the sexiest of all classic porn locations, the bubbling, the wetness, the brevity of skimpy swimwear all combine into one erotically engorged environment. This scene takes passions to whole new level with the rapturously raunchy soundtrack of hot and dripping synth erotica. Tempos and temperatures are kept boiling with keyboards soaring as the percussion matches the action thrust for insatiable thrust. The result will leave you exhausted, exhilarated and thoroughly soaked through.

Body Music Scene 2 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

50th Post Special: Cabaret Sin - Full Soundtrack

It seems only yesterday we began our journeys into the wonderous realms of Synth Erotica, but we've already reached the first milestone with this post being the 50th.

For this special occassion I'm celebrating but not just posting one or two songs from a soundtrack but to commemerate this event I'm posting the entire soundtrack. From start to finish, the whole furry enchilada. Of course this wouldn't be worth the effort for most adult features, but Cabaret Sin provides the single most amazing soundtrack I'm yet to experience. We're not just talking a few scene soundtracks with dialogue in between. Oh no. We're talking a fully orchestrated synthually composed epic that provides sensuously symphonic sounds for the entire feature. The music is peerless. Moody, dark, sexxxy, thrilling and utterly flawless from conception to climax.

Cabaret Sin is a massively ambitious production, essentially following a similar plot line to Bladerunner, with many direct homages to it's scenes. But also adding a whole lot of perverted passion thanks to the Pleasure Dome bar, where most of the raunchier rendezvous take place. This is adult auteur cinema of the highest calibre and is the high water mark for synth soundtracks. I won't go into details and scene descriptions as this work speaks for itself.

So please, sit back and relax and allow the complete soundtrack, written and performed by Cinema Symphonys, to take you to places where your darkest pleasures and most seductive fantasies come to life: Cabaret Sin.

Cabaret Sin - Full Soundtrack by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aerobic Sex: Masterpiece Synth Erotica

Of all the 80s themes in adult features my absolute personal favourite is the aerobics/gym gimmick. Like Pumping Flesh (posted in April of this year)Aerobic Sex provides massive amounts of tight steamy lycra and luscious legwarmers. Acres of bouncing bodacious booty gets worked out eight ways til Sunday in a neon coloured 80s dream. I endeavour to uncover all of the classic aerobics themed features over the course of our travels into Synth Erotica, but Magma's classic from somewhere around 1985 bring us copious amounts of copulating composition delectably drenched in synthesized succulence.

The first of this tantalising trio accompanies the first work out vignette where the movies lead, Busenstar Astrid is working out on her own before being interrupted by another gym member who becomes so hot and bothered from Astrid's display that she must have a lesbian triste with another girl in the change room. The music is uttterly flawless Synth Erotica with passionate percussion and raunchy rhythms that will get your heart racing and your lusting peaking in no time.

Aerobic Sex Work Out 1 by Rick Shithouse

The second track is another texxxtbook piece of Synth Erotica, only this time we're taken on an interstella sexual slowride with with sweeping synths and dreamy melodies accentuating the action. This piece accompanies a scene in which Astrid's sexual exhaustion and ecstacy leads her to urinate all over the gym mats she was previously being made love to on. Such perverted pleasures are a mainstay of the Magma line, the depication of the female act of urinating combined with such epic Synth Erotica is a very rare and special combination.

Aerobic Sex Urinary Interlude by Rick Shithouse

The final installment of Aerobic Sex's Masterpiece Synth Erotica is provided by the classic group work out scene. The girls are working hard, realllly hard. So hard that one of them begins fantasizing about being carnally compromised on the gym floor. But the gyrating girls keep working out, the tesing close ups of their lycra clad bodies is almost to much to take when the Synth Erotica kicks in and all passions rise to fever pitch. The sweat glistens and the synthesizers melodies drive the girls to even more wanton acts of lust and desire.

Aerobic Sex Work Out 2 by Rick Shithouse

Phew.. what a work out.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Roll Her Derby

As our journeys into the intimate realms od Synth Erotica continue we're occassionally taken down roads less travelled; dark and unknown paths that leads to unexpected and unrestrained sexual surprises. This is one of those occassions.

Little is known about this clip aside from it being from a complilation entitled Lusty Ladies under the direction of Leon Gucci. My own hypothesis is that the scene itself was shot in the late 70s as an, what's known in the pornographic parlance, 8mm loop that was mainly shown in adult theatres or smut booths. The vintage of the action is surely mid to late 70s judging by the rollerskating plot device and the fashions displayed. Many of these loops were later released on VHS compilations in the early 80s, and I believe this to be one that has undergone a re-dub and had a more modern soundtrack added. I will investigate further and will hopefully source more clips that feature such magnificently orchestrated soundtracks.

What we have in Roll Her Derby is a supremely and suavely symphony of sexualised synthesized sound that's sheer class shines through the poorly mastered source and will give the listener thrill after thrill of electronic ecstacy.

Roll Her Derby by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Candy's Little Sister Sugar: Scene 2

One thing that always stands out to me in what separates modern and vintage adult entertainment (beyond the soundtracks, of course!) is one simple, but always sexy, ingredient: fun. Vintage porn is fun. The performers have fun. The producers have fun. And as a bonus to all the terrific titilation, the watcher also has fun. The sex itself might be serious business, but theres always an air of frivolity and lightheartedness, and the 'entertainment'side was just as important as the 'adult' side.

A fantastic example of this is 1988's Candy's Little Sister Sugar from Vidco. A delightful little Tami White vehicle (who plays the titular Sugar) that involves her looking for lost sister and basically going on a porn-scapade of undercover activity to find her lost sister.

The highlight of the movie is a wonderful little scene involving the always entertaining John Leslie and the always eager Lauryl Canyon. The scene works a great reverse-hypnotism plot device that gets Lauryl seducing the hell out of the helpless Leslie. But the action, while kept ultra-sexy is augmented by a bass driven Synth Erotica track that builds to a crescendo of cataclysmic coital collusion. A completely entrancing piece of mood moistening music.

I hope you enjoy this delicious morsel, by all means, but make sure you have fun doing so.

Candy's Little Sister Sugar Scene 3 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lehrjahre eines Teenagers: Scene 4

The Apprenticeship of a Teenager is an adult feature that could only be made in Europe. The scenarios are pure europorn gold that brings together the innocence of the classic teenage series combined with the filthiest and most rampant of sexualised cinema. These style features were massively popular in the 70s and were the go-to storylines for many of the classic Color Climax loops and the european-style of making porno fun was something lost over time. But these wonderful movies serve as a wonderful reminder of how the european producers so regularly provided innocence and comedy along with insatiable sexual performances.

Scene 4 of Lehrjahre eines Teenagers uses the mechanic's garage as a fantastic plot devices to get a bunch of horny nubiles carnally coerced into luridly lascivious love making. As with many early 80s european adult features the sound track is predominantly 70s pop or orchestral in nature but this scene is treated with a magnificently written piece of early Synth Erotica that again spans the musical styles that divide the 70s and 80s. It's a short but succulently sweet track that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Lehrjahre eines Teenagers Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swedish Erotica 3: Scene 4

Some of our Synth Erotica adventures are titillating, some are light and breezy, some are even initimate and intense, but todays adventure is pure unadulterated sleaze. From the third installment of the four hour Swedish Erotica compilations comes a track so utterly filthy that you too will need a shower by it's completion. The entire orchestration oozes smutty sounds over a sweaty, lace covered slice of some of the filthiest electro funk that's ever dared to be composed.

Poor Tom Byron and Tess Ferre don't stand a chance as their passions are driven beyond human control by the sultry sound of pounding synthesized lust. Beware the power of this lurid lullaby; for only the strongest self control will be able to retain their composure in the face of such unrelentingly sleazey sounds.

Swedish Erotica 3 Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lust Italian Style: Scene 4

Of all our journeys into the wonderous realms of Synth Erotica this particular dalliance reaches levels of truly epoch making pleasures. Caballero's transatlantic triste from 1987 share's talent from both American and European stables and delivers an erotic adventure that combines the best of both worlds.

Scene four gives Christoph Clark a run of fornicating freedom over the delightfully accommodating Marilyn Jess and always alluring Sharon Mitchell. This trio of triumphant tantalising goes all out and the driving force of the action is the synthesized sounds of erotically epic keyboard wizardry. If there is but one soundtrack that defines the sound and style of Synth Erotica it is this purely pornographic pumping piece.

Lust Italian Style Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Une Femme Honnete Double Shot

What you are about to experience is a truly watershed moment for adult film soundtracks. On the cusp of the new wave of the 80s comes Une Femme Honnete (also known as French Flesh)from Dorcel Video, 1982. The reason this is such a special soundtrack is it strides the crossover from the traditionally orchestrated euro 70s soundtrack into the 80s italo driven soundtracks. Dorcel's productions were on the cutting-edge performance wise they were also soundtrack wise and these two tracks provide a wonderful time capsule of the bridge from 70s to 80s sounds.

Scene 4 makes finds our two deliciously delightful damsels, Dominique Saint Claire and Carole Pierac, sapphicly enjoying eachother. The scene is textbook, and the soundtrack melts through imagery with downtempo synths and arrangments that will leave you as a puddle by it's conclusion. A chilled and dreamy course of synthesized treats that will raise your passions and tease your desires from beginning to it's gratifying end.

Une Femme Honnete Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 6 brings us as very enticing menage a trois with Dominique Saint Claire being the object of Jean Pierre Armand and Ghislain Garet's unbridled sexuality. Formalities are dispensed with from the outset and the passions of all involved are laid out bare, wet and brazen. The musical piece rides even harder than the participants with a hook reprise that flows from the essence of passion, generating waves of pleasure that swirl in and out of deep erotic ecstacy.

Une Femme Honnete Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love Dreams: Scene 7

Love Dreams from 1981 focussed on the ample talents of Julia Perrin with a plot of the 'sexual awakening' nature popularised in many 70s classic adult features, as opposed to the more 'dirty girls are sexy' theme of the 80s. The production is on point though, and has a bunch of great fantasy themed scenes, the one that certainly took my breath away was Julias first solo scene. Dressed in thigh high white stockings, red heels and a classic oversized sweater all she needs is a mirror to get herself incredibly hot and bothered.

I'd also like to think it's the exceptional soundtrack the gets her onanistic orgy in full swing. The spaciously sweeping synths douse the scene in electronic ecstacy that builds to the point of no return. An early, but utterly gorgeous piece of synth erotica I hope gets you half as steamed up as Julia does.

Love Dreams Scene 7 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deux Belles Garces: Opening Theme

Marc Dorcel is a name synonomous with european pornography. The man created an empire and like most of the long running smut peddling companies the features made in the 80s are a much superior product to most of their modern work. Deux Belles Garces (Two Hot Bitches) provides some of the most visionary vignettes of adult video-art, with each scene a palpable wet dream of unbridled imagination with rampantly raunchy eurobabes repeatedly ravaged into uncontrollable ecstacy.

The track I've selected is the opening theme, a piece absolutely golden italo disco that will make you yearn for more. The synth melodies and arrangements are brought to us courtesy of Duke DeVille, his understanding of what makes for a passionately erotic score is second to none and will get your pulse racing and your loins throbbing.

We will be revisiting Two Hot Bitches again in future Synth Erotica installments, but for now allow yourself be taken; wholly, by this delectably dirty disco.

Deux Belles Garces Theme by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In Search Of The Golden Bone Double Shot

Thanks to the likes of Dallas/Dynasty/Knots Landing/etc being long running TV series there were many an adult feature taking on their tried and tested plots. The classic wacky inheiritance plot where the cast have to undergo a challenge while it brings out the worst in everyone was a classic plot device and The Search For The Golden Bone was made exactly in this manner. The ever suave Sasha Gabor leaves the challenge to those in his will to find the Golden Bone (yes, it's a gold replica of his cock, as evidenced in the adjacent image) to then grant it's finder all his riches. Totally awesome.

The action is scored by Lacrimae Rarum who's work traverses many lurid styles of music but saves his best for the main theme and scene eight. Both tracks are superbly written and makes for some dirty, dirty times that will make your speakers melt with their steamy symphonies.

In Search Of The Golden Bone Main Theme by Rick Shithouse

Scene eight provides some exhilarating expressions of extremely exhausting ecstacy with the entire cast being serviced within an inch of their lives in an orgy of orgasmic opulence. The groans of totally unbridled sexual congress compliment Lacrimae Rarum's synth work of moistening majesty. Behold the glory of the Golden Bone and it's lasciviously lovely synth erotica.

In Search Of The Golden Bone Scene 8 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sexeo: Scene 1

Sexeo is one of those little known adult features that has a very cool gimmick that makes for some super sexy action. The premise involves a VHS tape entitled Sexeo that when watched causes immediate copulation for anyone in the vicinity. The Sexeo tape prouduces the pulsing electronic sound heard at the beginning of this track, which soon becomes the sure sign that theres going to be plenty of sexy times coming forthwith.

The track I've chosen from this feature is from the opening scene where a frigid Heather Wayne gets all hot bothered when Blake Palmer puts on the ubiquitous Sexeo tape. The music has a jazzy vibe that cruises along in a very sleazey manner and paints the perfect picture of pornographic passions. A wonderfully constructed piece of synth erotica that is almost dripping with delicious depravity and would turn any frigid partner into a writhing mass of wet heat in an instant.

Sexeo Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Scene 1

As a longtime enjoyer of quality smut, I often find the more unabashedly sleazey productions are superior in most departments to a full budget and production movie. These dirty little low budget affairs always offer their own kind of charm that I for one, find very endearing. So comes along Cheap Thrills, and it's not just a title. The action is raw, the vignettes between the scenes come across as strictly "one-take" and theres a lovely unpolished appearance to the overall movie.

To complement the opening scene where Rhonda Jo Petty gets all menage a trois with Georege Payne and Jeff Scott is backed with a short but supremely sweet soundtrack of energetic electronica that makes up for it's length with it's unbridbled passion... as they say in the classics.

This sultry stanza is repeated often throughout the full feature, which it certainly deserves, always a hallmark of the classic low budget porno flick. Thank you Red Light Pictures, and as always, thank you 1985.

Cheap Thrills Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Free & Foxy: Theme Two

Here is a nice little weekend bonus from VCX Pictures. Some of the bigger studios in the 80s would occassionally release compilation promo features to showcase the new and existing talent as well as promote upcoming releases, in this case we have Free & Foxy. A great compilation of some of VCX's finest filth presented by the ever-capable Kay Parker and Paul Thomas. These two frolic in a jacuzzi while introducing the clips. The whole production varies immensely in quality, and darts around a lot, with some movies looking from the late 70s, but theres also a lot of quality and rare scenes.

But the highlight from this feature, of course, is the synthesized reprise that pops up as the soundtrack to a few scenes and the end credits (but is surprisingly not used as the main theme). It would seem this piece was used where either there wasn't an originally scored track to the scene, so what we have here is a rare gem in the world of synth erotica.

It is a pure and unfettered sexual masterpiece of aural delights and, as I'm sure you'll agree, would enhance any classic porn movie's soundtrack. Thanks to Horst for the compostion and performance and making this music the real highlight from VCX's 1985 line up.

Free & Foxy Theme 2 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caught In The Middle: Scene 3

"Pete, try to unload the keg. Cindy; you grab the meat."

Wow. I'm still recovering from this track. The afterglow of such powerful synth erotica is truly awe inspiring. From CDI Home Video in the magically powered year of 1986 comes Caught In The Middle. A vehicle to provide Kari Foxx with much screen time and makes no bones about her being boned as the focus of the movie. Mark Wallice tries to get the party started right but Kari has other meat on her mind and so begins their dirty dance of delightful depravity.

I can't even put into words how much I love this track. It's written flawlessly for the scene and the ecstatic groans of the participants do a better job than any lyrics possibly could. I must mention the high-hat track. I'm a hardcore high-hat fetishist and their implementation in this track is some of the best high-hat work I've heard since the exemplary Dancing Queen by ABBA. The music is through and through pedigree synth erotica, luscious solos and key changes just push the boundaries of aural pleasure even further.

Thank you Blue Silver for composing and performing a soundtrack that is picture perfect synth erotica.

Caught In The Middle Sc 3 by Rick Shithouse

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swedish Erotica Volume 64: Scene 2

From Caballero Home Video in the glorious year of 1985 comes Swedish Erotica Volume 64. This series constantly delivered wondrous vignettes from the golden age of the adult film industry packed with quality in every respect, as we've seen before, and we'll see again many times throughout our journeys in synth erotica.

Scene two from volume 64 sets up with Sheri St. Clair doing a slow strip for Paul Thomas before he can contain his passions no longer and takes her in a deliberately dirty manner. The soundtrack swirls dreamy synths around the licentious lovers, licking lovingly and longfully. I defy you not to be taken to another plane of passion when you allow yourself to be taken, fully, by this supremely dreamy synth erotica.

Swedish Erotica 64 Scene 2 by Rick Shithouse

Monday, June 6, 2011

Goin' Down Slow: Scene 4

From VCA Pictures comes the 1988 adult feature Goin' Down Slow. A tour de force of copulatating couples that make the screen drip with dirty debauchery.

We cast our attentions to scene four when syntherotica favourite Dana Lynn gets down to seriously sexy business with Joey Silvera. This is a classic 80s scene: shot to thrill and scored to chill. The relentless soundtrack and punishing bassline give way to synthesizer overtures of orgasmic pleasure. The groans of Dana's ecstacy only serve to complement and outstandingly written and performed piece of classic synth erotica.

Goin Down Slow' Sc4 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anal Pleasures Double Shot

From AVC Pictures comes the ubiquitous fetish flick Anal Pleasures from 1988.
This serves as a vehicle for much anally delivered sexual fantasies with an all star cast the goes all the way to to make sure this quite taboo subject was well and truly captured in glorious NTSC colour. The soundtrack to this production meanders through many genres and styles, but scenes 1 and 3 provide some magical moments of pure synth erotica.

Scene 1 opens up with Jon Dough taking his time to explore Dana Lynn before taking her the only way the will do the job properly in a movie entitled Anal Pleasures. The scene starts slow and builds up to a frenetic pace. But the real star is the amazingly scored soundtrack. This epic runs through the fields of fetishdom and washes up on the shores of sumptuous synthillating sounds.
Anal Pleasures Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 3 finds the buxomly beautiful Trinity Loren seducing Shane Hunter until she begs him to take her on a journey up the dark passage. What transpires over the course of the love making is a sweaty and seductive scene of purely raw raunch. Again, though it is the soundtrack which upstages the visuals as the score provides another odyssey of unbridled fusion synth erotica of the most senusal calibre.
Sex was invented for this music.
Anal Pleasures Scene 3 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Night Trips 2: Scene 4

Coming in at the very end of the golden age of synth erotica is 1990's Night Trips 2. A sequel to the very successful original outing from the previous year these features began the new resurgence in the high production values and budgets that ushered in the early 90s and the Andrew Blake era. Of course there was still much low budget smut peddled throughout the 90s, but the classic style that was 80s porn was changing.

Night Trips 2 contained break-through cinematography for it's time and lavish production values. Not the least of this was spent on the epic synth laden soundtrack. The stand out piece appears in scene four, when Dr Randy Spears finally gets to play doctors and nurses with Cheri Taylor. The sound track builds slowly and deliberately, with a tempo that exudes pure and wanton passsion.

By the time the crescendo hits the action reaches fever pitch and the afterglow of the soundtrack provides a wonderfully satisfying finish.

Night Trips 2 Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swedish Erotica 15: Lois Ayres & Tom Byron

The Swedish Erotica series provide a maginificent timecapsule of vintage adult film making. Caballero Classics have released many, many volumes of these delightfully dirty compilations and as they cover many years of production the exact years of some scene's productions are unknown. This virile little vignette is most certainly however from the mid 80s as can be heard by the absoloutely stunning soundtrack.

Continuing with my voyeur affair with Lois Ayres comes another of her performances, this time with the always willing and able Tom Byron. To add even more sleaze to this perfect soundtrack is that the entire scene plays out on the stoop of a trailer home. Pure class and visionary directing.

Back to the soundtrack, and what a beautiful piece of classic synth erotica it is. From the drum lead in to the melodies themselves this track is an astounding adventure of aural amour. Let the waves of synth erotica wash over you and eventually drown you in total sexual ecstacy.

Swedish Erotica 15 LA-TB by Rick Shithouse

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nightshift Nurses: Scene 8

VCA Pictures were one of the post prolific adult studios in the golden age of erotica and Nightshift Nurses was a flagship title released in 1987. This movie became an instant classic that stood out from the crowd, the production values were high and the soundtrack was a very well produced affair. For the most part, however, the soundtrack contained mainly soft pop inspired music, and it's only scene eight that gets a heavy dose of ultrasleazey synth erotica.

In the last scene Steven Hennessey finally gets to have his way with nurse Lois Ayres in a back-room scene that probably realised most hospital custodians fantasies. Lois, as always, it utterly rampaging in her lustful needs, and to match her appetite is a sound track of total debauchery and dirty, dirty ribald raunchiness.

Nightshift Nurses Scene 8 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Convenience Store Girls: Main Theme

Convenience Store Girls comes to us from 1986 courtesy of Vidco productions. A series of vignettes involving our favourite convenience store customer service chicks providing services well beyond their job descriptions.

The soundtrack to this sordid little classic is a scintillatingly sleazy synth symphony of delightfully dirty dimensions. Composed by virtuoso visionary; Harold P. Niss, this is a true treat to the discerning ears of all synth erotica connoisseurs.

Convenience Store Girls Theme by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Skintight: End Theme

Annette Haven vehicle: Skintight, was an epic adult feature from 1981 with superb production values, an exceptional cast and super steamy action. Ed De Priest's carnally charged adventure into forbidden sexual pleasures contains a soundtrack to match with a predominantly 70s stadium rock style soundtrack, as was the trend for many adult features from this period.

The highlight, however, is a massively dramatic piece of cosmic synth work that is used numerous times during the movie, but played in it's fullness over the end credits.

A wonderful piece of early synth erotica written and performed by Paul Sabu.

An interesting final note on this piece is the use of The B-52's Planet Claire that can be heard during the opening. Planet Claire's intro is also used as the soundtrack to the final scene of Skintight, but is not cited in the credits.

Theme From Skintight by Rick Shithouse

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty As You Feel: Triple X Shot

From industry leader VCX Video comes the perfectly perverted Pretty As You Feel. The plot of which pertains to poor Tom Byron, who's usually pulsating penis has become permanently flaccid. Lynn Ray takes on the job of helping him find his virilty by subjecting him to be an audience to much couple copulation of supremely sordid scenes.

To make the action even hotter there is a maximum triple x overdrive synth score of blistering carnal ferocity!

Scene one finds the bemused Byron viewing a delicate triste between Blake Palmer and Pamela Jennings. With the aid of a common household banana, Palmer manages to draw Pamela into a savage bout of primal passion. The soundtrack forgoes the obvious jungle puns and breaks into solid sixxxteen bit style funk-u-pornosynth. The robotic rhythms rock and roll to the ultimate in synthetic sinsations.
Pretty As You Feel 1 by Rick Shithouse

Scene two begins with the ever raptuous Ginger Lynn getting some gooey girly time in with Lynn Ray and is then joined by the always ready for action Jerry Butler. The still limp Tom Byron watches on as Jerry grinds and drills the two sexxx kittens into exxxstacy. This scene's score is a fast paced synthesized symphony of raunchy rockin that has some of the most furious rhythms of pure sexxxual energy.
Pretty As You Feel 5 by Rick Shithouse

Our final adventure into Pretty As You Feel's seductive soundtrack is from the features most taboo scene. Debbie Northrup succeeds in accepting both Marc Wallice and Greg Rome at the same time in same aperture in a last ditch attempt to get Tom Byron hard again. Debbie takes both eager men like the consumate professional she is and the action gets almost as crazy as the soundtrack. Even smuttier than the double penetration is the triple x orchestration of synthesizer sounds that will leave you exxxhausted, exxxhilirated and in a state of total exxxstacy.
Pretty As You Feel 6 by Rick Shithouse

Monday, April 25, 2011

Joy Toys

Joy Toys is a great adult feature from genre genius William Whett's Wet Video. Released in the golden year of 1985 this movie was a dildo-driven exploration of the endless uses of adult toys. The action comes hard and fast and two scenes in particular feature excellent synthesizer saturated soundtracks.

Scene 5

Heather Wayne tries to clean up her act in the shower only to have Kevin James take her from behind. This steamy scene is augmented with an aural affection of astounding aspirations as the keyboards spread their tones or torrid temptation to exciting ends. A wet and wild ride to be sure!

Joy Toys Scene 5 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 6

Continuing on the wet theme, the always delectable Gina Carrera takes a dip in a hot tub and entices Steve Powers into some even wetter toy play. This scene is alsoc accompanied by a magnificent opus of erotic synth work that takes us on another dripping fantasy laden with seductive sounds.

Joy Toys Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse