Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anal Pleasures Double Shot

From AVC Pictures comes the ubiquitous fetish flick Anal Pleasures from 1988.
This serves as a vehicle for much anally delivered sexual fantasies with an all star cast the goes all the way to to make sure this quite taboo subject was well and truly captured in glorious NTSC colour. The soundtrack to this production meanders through many genres and styles, but scenes 1 and 3 provide some magical moments of pure synth erotica.

Scene 1 opens up with Jon Dough taking his time to explore Dana Lynn before taking her the only way the will do the job properly in a movie entitled Anal Pleasures. The scene starts slow and builds up to a frenetic pace. But the real star is the amazingly scored soundtrack. This epic runs through the fields of fetishdom and washes up on the shores of sumptuous synthillating sounds.
Anal Pleasures Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 3 finds the buxomly beautiful Trinity Loren seducing Shane Hunter until she begs him to take her on a journey up the dark passage. What transpires over the course of the love making is a sweaty and seductive scene of purely raw raunch. Again, though it is the soundtrack which upstages the visuals as the score provides another odyssey of unbridled fusion synth erotica of the most senusal calibre.
Sex was invented for this music.
Anal Pleasures Scene 3 by Rick Shithouse

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