Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caught In The Middle: Scene 3

"Pete, try to unload the keg. Cindy; you grab the meat."

Wow. I'm still recovering from this track. The afterglow of such powerful synth erotica is truly awe inspiring. From CDI Home Video in the magically powered year of 1986 comes Caught In The Middle. A vehicle to provide Kari Foxx with much screen time and makes no bones about her being boned as the focus of the movie. Mark Wallice tries to get the party started right but Kari has other meat on her mind and so begins their dirty dance of delightful depravity.

I can't even put into words how much I love this track. It's written flawlessly for the scene and the ecstatic groans of the participants do a better job than any lyrics possibly could. I must mention the high-hat track. I'm a hardcore high-hat fetishist and their implementation in this track is some of the best high-hat work I've heard since the exemplary Dancing Queen by ABBA. The music is through and through pedigree synth erotica, luscious solos and key changes just push the boundaries of aural pleasure even further.

Thank you Blue Silver for composing and performing a soundtrack that is picture perfect synth erotica.

Caught In The Middle Sc 3 by Rick Shithouse

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