Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swedish Erotica 3: Scene 4

Some of our Synth Erotica adventures are titillating, some are light and breezy, some are even initimate and intense, but todays adventure is pure unadulterated sleaze. From the third installment of the four hour Swedish Erotica compilations comes a track so utterly filthy that you too will need a shower by it's completion. The entire orchestration oozes smutty sounds over a sweaty, lace covered slice of some of the filthiest electro funk that's ever dared to be composed.

Poor Tom Byron and Tess Ferre don't stand a chance as their passions are driven beyond human control by the sultry sound of pounding synthesized lust. Beware the power of this lurid lullaby; for only the strongest self control will be able to retain their composure in the face of such unrelentingly sleazey sounds.

Swedish Erotica 3 Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

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