Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sexeo: Scene 1

Sexeo is one of those little known adult features that has a very cool gimmick that makes for some super sexy action. The premise involves a VHS tape entitled Sexeo that when watched causes immediate copulation for anyone in the vicinity. The Sexeo tape prouduces the pulsing electronic sound heard at the beginning of this track, which soon becomes the sure sign that theres going to be plenty of sexy times coming forthwith.

The track I've chosen from this feature is from the opening scene where a frigid Heather Wayne gets all hot bothered when Blake Palmer puts on the ubiquitous Sexeo tape. The music has a jazzy vibe that cruises along in a very sleazey manner and paints the perfect picture of pornographic passions. A wonderfully constructed piece of synth erotica that is almost dripping with delicious depravity and would turn any frigid partner into a writhing mass of wet heat in an instant.

Sexeo Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Scene 1

As a longtime enjoyer of quality smut, I often find the more unabashedly sleazey productions are superior in most departments to a full budget and production movie. These dirty little low budget affairs always offer their own kind of charm that I for one, find very endearing. So comes along Cheap Thrills, and it's not just a title. The action is raw, the vignettes between the scenes come across as strictly "one-take" and theres a lovely unpolished appearance to the overall movie.

To complement the opening scene where Rhonda Jo Petty gets all menage a trois with Georege Payne and Jeff Scott is backed with a short but supremely sweet soundtrack of energetic electronica that makes up for it's length with it's unbridbled passion... as they say in the classics.

This sultry stanza is repeated often throughout the full feature, which it certainly deserves, always a hallmark of the classic low budget porno flick. Thank you Red Light Pictures, and as always, thank you 1985.

Cheap Thrills Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Free & Foxy: Theme Two

Here is a nice little weekend bonus from VCX Pictures. Some of the bigger studios in the 80s would occassionally release compilation promo features to showcase the new and existing talent as well as promote upcoming releases, in this case we have Free & Foxy. A great compilation of some of VCX's finest filth presented by the ever-capable Kay Parker and Paul Thomas. These two frolic in a jacuzzi while introducing the clips. The whole production varies immensely in quality, and darts around a lot, with some movies looking from the late 70s, but theres also a lot of quality and rare scenes.

But the highlight from this feature, of course, is the synthesized reprise that pops up as the soundtrack to a few scenes and the end credits (but is surprisingly not used as the main theme). It would seem this piece was used where either there wasn't an originally scored track to the scene, so what we have here is a rare gem in the world of synth erotica.

It is a pure and unfettered sexual masterpiece of aural delights and, as I'm sure you'll agree, would enhance any classic porn movie's soundtrack. Thanks to Horst for the compostion and performance and making this music the real highlight from VCX's 1985 line up.

Free & Foxy Theme 2 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caught In The Middle: Scene 3

"Pete, try to unload the keg. Cindy; you grab the meat."

Wow. I'm still recovering from this track. The afterglow of such powerful synth erotica is truly awe inspiring. From CDI Home Video in the magically powered year of 1986 comes Caught In The Middle. A vehicle to provide Kari Foxx with much screen time and makes no bones about her being boned as the focus of the movie. Mark Wallice tries to get the party started right but Kari has other meat on her mind and so begins their dirty dance of delightful depravity.

I can't even put into words how much I love this track. It's written flawlessly for the scene and the ecstatic groans of the participants do a better job than any lyrics possibly could. I must mention the high-hat track. I'm a hardcore high-hat fetishist and their implementation in this track is some of the best high-hat work I've heard since the exemplary Dancing Queen by ABBA. The music is through and through pedigree synth erotica, luscious solos and key changes just push the boundaries of aural pleasure even further.

Thank you Blue Silver for composing and performing a soundtrack that is picture perfect synth erotica.

Caught In The Middle Sc 3 by Rick Shithouse

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swedish Erotica Volume 64: Scene 2

From Caballero Home Video in the glorious year of 1985 comes Swedish Erotica Volume 64. This series constantly delivered wondrous vignettes from the golden age of the adult film industry packed with quality in every respect, as we've seen before, and we'll see again many times throughout our journeys in synth erotica.

Scene two from volume 64 sets up with Sheri St. Clair doing a slow strip for Paul Thomas before he can contain his passions no longer and takes her in a deliberately dirty manner. The soundtrack swirls dreamy synths around the licentious lovers, licking lovingly and longfully. I defy you not to be taken to another plane of passion when you allow yourself to be taken, fully, by this supremely dreamy synth erotica.

Swedish Erotica 64 Scene 2 by Rick Shithouse

Monday, June 6, 2011

Goin' Down Slow: Scene 4

From VCA Pictures comes the 1988 adult feature Goin' Down Slow. A tour de force of copulatating couples that make the screen drip with dirty debauchery.

We cast our attentions to scene four when syntherotica favourite Dana Lynn gets down to seriously sexy business with Joey Silvera. This is a classic 80s scene: shot to thrill and scored to chill. The relentless soundtrack and punishing bassline give way to synthesizer overtures of orgasmic pleasure. The groans of Dana's ecstacy only serve to complement and outstandingly written and performed piece of classic synth erotica.

Goin Down Slow' Sc4 by Rick Shithouse