Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sexeo: Scene 1

Sexeo is one of those little known adult features that has a very cool gimmick that makes for some super sexy action. The premise involves a VHS tape entitled Sexeo that when watched causes immediate copulation for anyone in the vicinity. The Sexeo tape prouduces the pulsing electronic sound heard at the beginning of this track, which soon becomes the sure sign that theres going to be plenty of sexy times coming forthwith.

The track I've chosen from this feature is from the opening scene where a frigid Heather Wayne gets all hot bothered when Blake Palmer puts on the ubiquitous Sexeo tape. The music has a jazzy vibe that cruises along in a very sleazey manner and paints the perfect picture of pornographic passions. A wonderfully constructed piece of synth erotica that is almost dripping with delicious depravity and would turn any frigid partner into a writhing mass of wet heat in an instant.

Sexeo Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

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