Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Rhine Waltz: Main Theme & Reprise

It's a first for Synth Erotica! My very first post that's been a request from a reader. Synth Erotica devotee A. contacted me in regarding this forgotten classic as one of his favourites that had been lost to the annals of time. I took this as a challenge and not only did locate this gem, but I also fell in love with it's intoxicatingly erotic soundtrack.

Rhine Waltz is one of those odd trans-atlantic productions where a bunch of American talent is used in a European production. This tale of love and lust on the Rhine is packed with 80s American stars and starlets with a smattering of German talent to add a distinctly European flavour the the onscreen action.

Which brings us to the truly arousing opening theme titled Open Up Your Loving Arms. What a sterling piece of synth rock, resplendent in raunchy ribaldry and oozing with orgasmic orations. Porno power pop at it's finest. I've also included the short instrumental reprise of the main theme from the ending credits for an extra inch of amorous aural afterglow.

Rhine Waltz Main Theme by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marina Heat: Scene 4

Marina Heat from Cal Vista provides lots of jaunty jetty-side joy with Amber Lynn and Buck Adams playing the roles of reporters attempting to uncover the salacious sleaze permeating the harbour's moorings. It doesn't take long for both performers to get well into the seamy underbelly of scintillating sex and intoxicating intimacies.

The unadulterated filth and raunch of this piece of synth gold is written and performed by period Synth Erotica maestro Harold P. Niss. The melodies drip with excitation and synth leads gyrate and grind with petulent percussion. The breakdowns are pure lust, taking the atmosphere to the point of climax before delving deeper and deeper into the insatiable instrumentation on inexplicable excstacy.
  Marina Heat Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse