Wednesday, September 7, 2011

50th Post Special: Cabaret Sin - Full Soundtrack

It seems only yesterday we began our journeys into the wonderous realms of Synth Erotica, but we've already reached the first milestone with this post being the 50th.

For this special occassion I'm celebrating but not just posting one or two songs from a soundtrack but to commemerate this event I'm posting the entire soundtrack. From start to finish, the whole furry enchilada. Of course this wouldn't be worth the effort for most adult features, but Cabaret Sin provides the single most amazing soundtrack I'm yet to experience. We're not just talking a few scene soundtracks with dialogue in between. Oh no. We're talking a fully orchestrated synthually composed epic that provides sensuously symphonic sounds for the entire feature. The music is peerless. Moody, dark, sexxxy, thrilling and utterly flawless from conception to climax.

Cabaret Sin is a massively ambitious production, essentially following a similar plot line to Bladerunner, with many direct homages to it's scenes. But also adding a whole lot of perverted passion thanks to the Pleasure Dome bar, where most of the raunchier rendezvous take place. This is adult auteur cinema of the highest calibre and is the high water mark for synth soundtracks. I won't go into details and scene descriptions as this work speaks for itself.

So please, sit back and relax and allow the complete soundtrack, written and performed by Cinema Symphonys, to take you to places where your darkest pleasures and most seductive fantasies come to life: Cabaret Sin.

Cabaret Sin - Full Soundtrack by Rick Shithouse

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