Saturday, October 1, 2011

Poonies: Scene 9

The lesbian scene used to be a common and strategically placed departure from the usual boy-girl action in the lion's share of classic adult cinema from the golden age of pornography. Usually placed in the middle or towards the end of the feature, it would provide a change of pace, or add an extra plot twist triste to the scenarios. Personally, this was usually a highlight for myself and my own personal tastes, and I was sad to see this disappear from most modern porn which is usually too wrapped up in delivering only 'one' type of action for duration of the feature. Some of the more developed productions are bringing back the glorious girl-girl scene, but I doubt it'll ever reach the lofty heights of the classic 80s ones. Like most things in general.

But I digress. Poonies is a hacky stab at translating the plot of Goonies to the porn world. I say hacky because it only bares any resemblance to the original inspiration in a few elements from Goonies. There's no Sloth, or truffle shuffles or even pirate ships. But there is a lots of very hot sex and the lack of capitalising on the Goonies name is made up for with gorgeous girls hungry to sate their sexual appetites any way they can.

Scene 9 is Poonies' all girl vignette. Beginning with Ginger Lynn enjoying her own company in the most intimate way possible before Bionca and Heather Wayne take her to lusciously licentious licking love in of lesbian loving. As the girls simmer and sizzle their sexual heat the soundtrack is utterly entrancing and excitingly erotic. The waves of bassline driven Synth Erotica are unrelenting and panty dampening beyond the girls' self control. This piece of pure synthesized sex is one of those tracks you'll be enraptured by instantly.. and like Ginger says, I don't think you'll be fast forwarding this one.

Poonies Scene 9 by Rick Shithouse

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