Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty As You Feel: Triple X Shot

From industry leader VCX Video comes the perfectly perverted Pretty As You Feel. The plot of which pertains to poor Tom Byron, who's usually pulsating penis has become permanently flaccid. Lynn Ray takes on the job of helping him find his virilty by subjecting him to be an audience to much couple copulation of supremely sordid scenes.

To make the action even hotter there is a maximum triple x overdrive synth score of blistering carnal ferocity!

Scene one finds the bemused Byron viewing a delicate triste between Blake Palmer and Pamela Jennings. With the aid of a common household banana, Palmer manages to draw Pamela into a savage bout of primal passion. The soundtrack forgoes the obvious jungle puns and breaks into solid sixxxteen bit style funk-u-pornosynth. The robotic rhythms rock and roll to the ultimate in synthetic sinsations.
Pretty As You Feel 1 by Rick Shithouse

Scene two begins with the ever raptuous Ginger Lynn getting some gooey girly time in with Lynn Ray and is then joined by the always ready for action Jerry Butler. The still limp Tom Byron watches on as Jerry grinds and drills the two sexxx kittens into exxxstacy. This scene's score is a fast paced synthesized symphony of raunchy rockin that has some of the most furious rhythms of pure sexxxual energy.
Pretty As You Feel 5 by Rick Shithouse

Our final adventure into Pretty As You Feel's seductive soundtrack is from the features most taboo scene. Debbie Northrup succeeds in accepting both Marc Wallice and Greg Rome at the same time in same aperture in a last ditch attempt to get Tom Byron hard again. Debbie takes both eager men like the consumate professional she is and the action gets almost as crazy as the soundtrack. Even smuttier than the double penetration is the triple x orchestration of synthesizer sounds that will leave you exxxhausted, exxxhilirated and in a state of total exxxstacy.
Pretty As You Feel 6 by Rick Shithouse

Monday, April 25, 2011

Joy Toys

Joy Toys is a great adult feature from genre genius William Whett's Wet Video. Released in the golden year of 1985 this movie was a dildo-driven exploration of the endless uses of adult toys. The action comes hard and fast and two scenes in particular feature excellent synthesizer saturated soundtracks.

Scene 5

Heather Wayne tries to clean up her act in the shower only to have Kevin James take her from behind. This steamy scene is augmented with an aural affection of astounding aspirations as the keyboards spread their tones or torrid temptation to exciting ends. A wet and wild ride to be sure!

Joy Toys Scene 5 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 6

Continuing on the wet theme, the always delectable Gina Carrera takes a dip in a hot tub and entices Steve Powers into some even wetter toy play. This scene is alsoc accompanied by a magnificent opus of erotic synth work that takes us on another dripping fantasy laden with seductive sounds.

Joy Toys Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse

Educating Mandy: Scene 9

The girl who had it all, Traci Lords, has all her fantasies made flesh by Peter North in this adult classic from 1985 courtesy of CDI Video. Wanting allher wishes to come true Peter is only too happy to ravage Traci's nubile body while the synthesizers raise the sensual stakes even higher.

From the musical production group, Creative Claws, comes piece of synth-ual magic that will keep your passions at fever pitch until it's conclusion.

Educating Mandy Scene 9 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seventeen's Retro Teens Of The 70s: Scene 12

Seventeen were one of the greatest production companies released a huge amount of classic euro porn in the 70s and 80s. Their teen-centric, headband adorned casts virtually set the blueprint for todays modern amateur porn and serves as a wonderful time capsule of vintage european sexcapades.

This solo scene of an unknown nubile euroteen is titled On Vacation and she sets out her towel in a nice green field and sets about relieving herself of the days stresses as only a girl herself knows how to do.

To accompany her lithe body, writhing in nature, there is an astonishingly arousing soundtrack of classic 80s synth work. Although the compilation is titled "Of The 70s" this piece of music is most definitely from the 80s. I hope you enjoy this exciting and enticingly crafted piece of electronic ecstacy.

17 Retro Teens Scene 12 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pumping Flesh: Masterpiece Synth Erotica

Caballero Video's 1986 adult feature; Pumping Flesh provides a masterful example of the true 80s synth erotica soundtrack. The movie focuses on the goings on in a gym/health club that has turmoil going on behind the scenes with most of the problems being a attributed to not getting enough sex. This proves to be the crux of the stories as the management and patrons get sexually physical with each other. Lets experience the highlights of this sweat filled pounding soundtrack.

Pumping Flesh opens with the toned and sculpted body of Erica Boyer getting photographed ardently by Paul Thomas. She wants to get back to working out, but Paul has other ideas and decides to give her a work out of his own. The two fornicate fervently while the synths bring us another kind of sexual ecstacy that rides the waves of passion through it's orgasmic overture.
Pumping Flesh Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 2 finds Nina Hartley seducing the young and impressionable Danielle in the change rooms. Poor Danielle is no match for Nina's wild intentions and melts at her touch, the seduction is accompanied by a smooth and sultry soundtrack of synthesised sexuality. A perfect example of the music making the mood even more magically arousing.

Pumping Flesh Scene 2 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 6 provides a fantasy laden gym room scenario with professional trainer, John Leslie, taking personal interest in Danielle with some beautifully choreographed copulation on and around different workout equipment. Such intense and energetic exercise needs the right soundtrack and we are treated to an eletro charged synth track that sets the pace and takes us beyond the realms of pleasure into a sexual stratosphere of stupendous stimulation.

Pumping Flesh Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse

I hope you enjoyed these soundtrack highlight to Pumping Flesh as much as I did, they're excellent examples of the genre and an unforgettable stop off in our ongoing journey of synth erotica.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Teresa: The Woman Who Loved Men 2: Scene 6

There are varying degrees of love I have for all the songs I post, but this piece of synthesised sexuality is one of the most wonderful of all the erotic escapades I've thus encountered.

From 1988's Teresa: The Woman Who Loved Men 2 comes a scene where Roy hunter and Gerard Luig are attempting to get intimate with a blow up doll of Teresa Orlowski when she magically appears in the flesh in front of them and takes them on a real life fantasy they'll never forget. The main melody of the soundtrack is utterly gorgeous, with synths serenely slipping through the steamy seductions.

This high-water-mark in synth erotica comes from towards the end of our favourite decade, surprisingly, but is truly a wonderous example of the european style.
TeresaTWWLM2 Sc6 by Rick Shithouse

L'Amour: Scene 5

Caballero Video's soap opera stlye sexromp from 1984 features a very tantalising soundtrack courtesy of Daniel Boules and the highlight of the production kicks in at scene five.

Shanna McCullogh dances her nubile body around her bedroom until Tom Byron turns up eager for some hot sex action. The scene plays out like a bit of teenage experimenting and ends up in a furious sex drenched powerplay with Shanna McCullogh loving every inch of Tom Byron. This vignette is accompanied by some beautiful synth work for the dance sequence that is then followed by the best programmed drum lead in I've ever heard. The funky synths then get into the swing of the action and sizzling sexuality takes over. Thank you Daniel Boules, a true champion of quality synth erotica.

L'Amour Scene 5 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Night On The Wild Side Double Shot

Another Tommy Jackson opus of opulence taken from the Vista Video feature from 1986. Both tracks are outstanding and show Tommy Jackson's talent for writing such wonderful synth erotica.

Scene 2 has John Holmes, Kirk Wilder ravaging the eager and excited Janey Robbins in a bar. The synth melodies are as explicit as the action with brilliant melodies that match the pace of this menage a trois. Tommy's free-form synth work milks the music into sexual supernova.
Night On The Wild Side 2 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 5 spoils us with another Jackson symphony whil Kay Park is coerced into a four way triste with Janey Robbins, Rebecca London and Rick Savage. This stairway affair is accompanied by one of the best porn funk bass lines the 80s ever produced. The funk oozes and slides while the synths punctuate the melody perfectly.

The bass work gets all up in the action while the bodies writhe and intertwine onscreen. A whirling dervish of depraved debauchery.

Night On The Wild Side 5 by Rick Shithouse

Cherry Cheesecake: Scene 1

I'm assuming this track is a rarity, as the wonderful synth soundtrack to Cherry Cheesecake only exists on the German dub. The U.S original has a more rock-pop (and far less interesting) style soundtrack. The european release flavours the action with scintillating synths the enhance the scenes no end.

This opener has Joey Silvera photographing a sultry Rhonda Jo Petty in a sylishly neon lit studio. The model soon becomes far too aroused to contain her lust and exacts her passion on Joey. The soundtrack is in two pieces; a moody and raunchy opening which then makes way for a climax inducing part two. Prefectly orchestrated music that takes you on a neon lit ride into the dark and dripping realms of synth erotica.

Cherry Cheesecake Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extremes: Scenes 7 & 8

Caballero Video classic Extremes from 1981 provides an eclectic mix of a porno movie about making a porno movie. The feature goes from scene to scene in an almost random manner, with the action varying accordingly. Halfway through things really kick in with one of the most beautifully written pieces of erotic space synth that spans two intercut scenes. The first between Joey Silvera and Holly Page and then switching to Brooke West and David Morris.

The soundtrack is superbly written, building in such an epicly erotic manner that by the end the listener is one the verge of sexual exhaustion. A wild ride into the coital cosmos of interstellar intercourse.

Extremes Scenes 7 & 8 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Service

The supremely endowed Krista Lane gets rampaged eight ways til sunday in this classic 80s scene. Bear witness to this work in it's entirety in Swedish Erotica 99: Krista Lane, but for now allow your senses to be enraptured by the sex crazed synthesized rhythms of this wonderful exercise in eroticism.

Good Service by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Le Porte Aux Putes: Finale

My first foray into classic European adult features begins with Marc Dorcel's Le Porte Aux Putes from 1984. This no-nonsense down and dirty Euro-sleaze takes the usual format of the nubile young girls who are looking for a good time and the middle aged guys who show it to them. As with many of these classics from Europe the final scene is an orgy involving the entire cast. Although the rest of the entire movie is devoid of any kind of musical soundtrack the orgy scene is accompanied by a wonderful piece of synth erotica spiced up with some italo flavour.

The mood gets hotter and hotter as more and more bodies join the action and the music keeps the sexual tension taut and teasing. The writhing pile of fondling fornicators are urged along by a soundtrack that takes the classic italo sound from the 80s and laces it with sexually charged synth magic.

Le Porte Aux Putes finale by Rick Shithouse

Taboo 3: Scene 2

The final chapter of the Taboo series culminates with crescendo of forbidden pleasures, not the least of which being this musical odyssey that accompanies the movie's second scene.

Jerry Butler and Pamela Mann steam up the screen in this hot sauna sequence of sexual sumptuousness. Synthesizers rise with the passion and make for the most arousing atmosphere. The sex drips and the music does too. An eternally erotic piece of synth seduction.

1984 was a great year for music in every respect and genre. Such a magical era is experienced right here in this track.

Taboo 3 2 by Rick Shithouse