Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Night Trips 2: Scene 4

Coming in at the very end of the golden age of synth erotica is 1990's Night Trips 2. A sequel to the very successful original outing from the previous year these features began the new resurgence in the high production values and budgets that ushered in the early 90s and the Andrew Blake era. Of course there was still much low budget smut peddled throughout the 90s, but the classic style that was 80s porn was changing.

Night Trips 2 contained break-through cinematography for it's time and lavish production values. Not the least of this was spent on the epic synth laden soundtrack. The stand out piece appears in scene four, when Dr Randy Spears finally gets to play doctors and nurses with Cheri Taylor. The sound track builds slowly and deliberately, with a tempo that exudes pure and wanton passsion.

By the time the crescendo hits the action reaches fever pitch and the afterglow of the soundtrack provides a wonderfully satisfying finish.

Night Trips 2 Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

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