Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swedish Erotica 15: Lois Ayres & Tom Byron

The Swedish Erotica series provide a maginificent timecapsule of vintage adult film making. Caballero Classics have released many, many volumes of these delightfully dirty compilations and as they cover many years of production the exact years of some scene's productions are unknown. This virile little vignette is most certainly however from the mid 80s as can be heard by the absoloutely stunning soundtrack.

Continuing with my voyeur affair with Lois Ayres comes another of her performances, this time with the always willing and able Tom Byron. To add even more sleaze to this perfect soundtrack is that the entire scene plays out on the stoop of a trailer home. Pure class and visionary directing.

Back to the soundtrack, and what a beautiful piece of classic synth erotica it is. From the drum lead in to the melodies themselves this track is an astounding adventure of aural amour. Let the waves of synth erotica wash over you and eventually drown you in total sexual ecstacy.

Swedish Erotica 15 LA-TB by Rick Shithouse


  1. Just found your blog. My god sir, you rock my world. Keep up the great work! I will definitely by using some of these in my mixes <3

  2. Thanks Shawn!
    Share the love, rocker!