Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Skintight: End Theme

Annette Haven vehicle: Skintight, was an epic adult feature from 1981 with superb production values, an exceptional cast and super steamy action. Ed De Priest's carnally charged adventure into forbidden sexual pleasures contains a soundtrack to match with a predominantly 70s stadium rock style soundtrack, as was the trend for many adult features from this period.

The highlight, however, is a massively dramatic piece of cosmic synth work that is used numerous times during the movie, but played in it's fullness over the end credits.

A wonderful piece of early synth erotica written and performed by Paul Sabu.

An interesting final note on this piece is the use of The B-52's Planet Claire that can be heard during the opening. Planet Claire's intro is also used as the soundtrack to the final scene of Skintight, but is not cited in the credits.

Theme From Skintight by Rick Shithouse


  1. isn't this pulstar by vangelis? or did Sabu cover it?
    loved the intro to this movie!

  2. You're right on the money, Trakman! Definitely Vangelis. Thanks for spotting it! It would seem that copyright laws regarding music were very liberallly bent in Skintight's production.

    Paul Sabu may have written a bunch of other tracks in the score, or he may be responsible for the first mash up in history by combining Planet Claire and Pulstar!