Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In Search Of The Golden Bone Double Shot

Thanks to the likes of Dallas/Dynasty/Knots Landing/etc being long running TV series there were many an adult feature taking on their tried and tested plots. The classic wacky inheiritance plot where the cast have to undergo a challenge while it brings out the worst in everyone was a classic plot device and The Search For The Golden Bone was made exactly in this manner. The ever suave Sasha Gabor leaves the challenge to those in his will to find the Golden Bone (yes, it's a gold replica of his cock, as evidenced in the adjacent image) to then grant it's finder all his riches. Totally awesome.

The action is scored by Lacrimae Rarum who's work traverses many lurid styles of music but saves his best for the main theme and scene eight. Both tracks are superbly written and makes for some dirty, dirty times that will make your speakers melt with their steamy symphonies.

In Search Of The Golden Bone Main Theme by Rick Shithouse

Scene eight provides some exhilarating expressions of extremely exhausting ecstacy with the entire cast being serviced within an inch of their lives in an orgy of orgasmic opulence. The groans of totally unbridled sexual congress compliment Lacrimae Rarum's synth work of moistening majesty. Behold the glory of the Golden Bone and it's lasciviously lovely synth erotica.

In Search Of The Golden Bone Scene 8 by Rick Shithouse

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