Saturday, July 23, 2011

Une Femme Honnete Double Shot

What you are about to experience is a truly watershed moment for adult film soundtracks. On the cusp of the new wave of the 80s comes Une Femme Honnete (also known as French Flesh)from Dorcel Video, 1982. The reason this is such a special soundtrack is it strides the crossover from the traditionally orchestrated euro 70s soundtrack into the 80s italo driven soundtracks. Dorcel's productions were on the cutting-edge performance wise they were also soundtrack wise and these two tracks provide a wonderful time capsule of the bridge from 70s to 80s sounds.

Scene 4 makes finds our two deliciously delightful damsels, Dominique Saint Claire and Carole Pierac, sapphicly enjoying eachother. The scene is textbook, and the soundtrack melts through imagery with downtempo synths and arrangments that will leave you as a puddle by it's conclusion. A chilled and dreamy course of synthesized treats that will raise your passions and tease your desires from beginning to it's gratifying end.

Une Femme Honnete Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 6 brings us as very enticing menage a trois with Dominique Saint Claire being the object of Jean Pierre Armand and Ghislain Garet's unbridled sexuality. Formalities are dispensed with from the outset and the passions of all involved are laid out bare, wet and brazen. The musical piece rides even harder than the participants with a hook reprise that flows from the essence of passion, generating waves of pleasure that swirl in and out of deep erotic ecstacy.

Une Femme Honnete Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse

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