Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Rhine Waltz: Main Theme & Reprise

It's a first for Synth Erotica! My very first post that's been a request from a reader. Synth Erotica devotee A. contacted me in regarding this forgotten classic as one of his favourites that had been lost to the annals of time. I took this as a challenge and not only did locate this gem, but I also fell in love with it's intoxicatingly erotic soundtrack.

Rhine Waltz is one of those odd trans-atlantic productions where a bunch of American talent is used in a European production. This tale of love and lust on the Rhine is packed with 80s American stars and starlets with a smattering of German talent to add a distinctly European flavour the the onscreen action.

Which brings us to the truly arousing opening theme titled Open Up Your Loving Arms. What a sterling piece of synth rock, resplendent in raunchy ribaldry and oozing with orgasmic orations. Porno power pop at it's finest. I've also included the short instrumental reprise of the main theme from the ending credits for an extra inch of amorous aural afterglow.

Rhine Waltz Main Theme by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marina Heat: Scene 4

Marina Heat from Cal Vista provides lots of jaunty jetty-side joy with Amber Lynn and Buck Adams playing the roles of reporters attempting to uncover the salacious sleaze permeating the harbour's moorings. It doesn't take long for both performers to get well into the seamy underbelly of scintillating sex and intoxicating intimacies.

The unadulterated filth and raunch of this piece of synth gold is written and performed by period Synth Erotica maestro Harold P. Niss. The melodies drip with excitation and synth leads gyrate and grind with petulent percussion. The breakdowns are pure lust, taking the atmosphere to the point of climax before delving deeper and deeper into the insatiable instrumentation on inexplicable excstacy.
  Marina Heat Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Divine Decadence: Scene 5

Crossover productions between American and European studios in the 80s resulted in some timeless classics combining the best talents from both sides of the Atlantic. Divine Decadence proved to be an arousing triste with Henri Pachard's directorial talents getting very hot action of some of Europe's finest starlets, the end result being a Cabellero classic from 1987.

All manner of passionate perversions are erotically explored for the film's duration and scene five provids an action packed threeway between Catherine Crystal, Roberto Bigo and Titus Sting. What takes place is no less than a rampantly raunchy romp with a soundtrack to match. Synthesizers oozed sumptuously dripping melodies that writhe and moan in scandalous synchronization with torridly teasing trio. An experience sure to leave you hot, damp and hungering for more.

Divine Decadence Scene 5 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Triple X-Posure: Opening Theme

Occassionally a piece of music comes along that breaks the mould and raises the bar even higher. Preconceived ideas of what defines a genre are forever forgotten, replaced by the new high watermark. This is one of those moments, courtesy of Vidco Entertainment's Triple X-Posure. The opening to this tour de force features the epic song Wicked Lady as the theme. And yes, I said 'song'. Not only does this piece have copious amounts of dripping and glistening Synth Erotica, but it also features a sterling vocal track.

The unknown vocalist sounds like a total rocker. Exuding primal sexuality with every stanza. the exclaiming of the chorus is sure to melt anyones heart, leaving a moist puddle in it's wake. The solos and details in the song are erotically magical, warm synth pulse in time with pounding drums in a symphony of Synth Erotica.

Theme From Triple X-Posure by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inside Candy Samples: Scene 2

Today on Synth Erotica we're going back to 1985, courtesy of LA Video's classic porno flick Inside Candy Samples. Psychiatrist/Therapist themed plots were all the rage in the mid 80s, afterall everyone in Hollywood was 'in therapy' as a lifestyle choice then. Which brings us to this gem where Candy plays a sex therapist and Heather Wayne her willing and able assistant. The obligatory couch and fantasy scenes are true porno classics, and the score is a brilliantly written work of perfect Synth Erotica.

Scene 2 finds assistant Heather Wayne taking care of Aurora, as professionally as possible. While the girls do much oral therapy on eachother they're accompanied by some of filthiest funk filled Synth Erotica I've yet to hear. The music oozes and swells with a writhing tempo of salaciously scored sleaze. A beautiful example of classicly performed mid 80s Synth Erotica.

Inside Candy Samples Sc2 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Penetration Of Elle Rio: Scene 5

Once in a while you hear music that is so perfect that the experience almost transcends preconceived ideas about what makes something so aurally pleasing. This is one of those pieces of music. As a work of art this provides a reference point for what truly is Synth Erotica. A genre defining piece that you know, within seconds of experiencing, is something you'll never forget.

From Collector's Video in 1987, The Penetration Of Elle Rio is great vehicle for sizzling starlet Elle Rio to get into all kinds of salacious sexcapades but scene five finds her in the loving arms of prono main stay, Sharon Mitchell. The girls go from raunchy to raucous in a matter of seconds with a passion surely fuelled by the brilliance of the Synth Erotica soundtrack. From the intro to the bass line, from the melodies to the changes this is inexorably intoxicating erotic electronic entertainment of the highest order.

Penetration Of Elle Rio Sc5 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Body Music: Scene 4

Time to revisit an old friend. One that we've spent some beautiful, intimate, quality time with before. I'm talking about Body Music. A fine piece of adult entertainment we first experienced in September 2011 (please click here for that post) that I'm sure will conjure warm, wet and wonderful memories.

This week's trip back to the more than aptly named Body Music takes us to scene four. Randy West is auditioning Victoria Paris in the only way he knows how; hard and deep. When the clothing starts dropping, the music starts popping with some sweat drenched basslines that would make anyone fall to their knees in erotic exclamation. The synth erotica enraptures the listener and entraps them in a web of jauntily juicy melodies and orchestral stabs that go oh so deep. The end result is glorious composition that will bring your body and mind to total carnal capitulation.

Body Music Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

E3: The Extra Testicle: Scene 1

Of all the classic parody-porno names, E3: The Extra Testicle is one that always seems to be most remembered, even more than 25 years after it's release. Clever names aside, this movie features aliens and lots of sex. In lots of combinations, but always in superb situations. This opening scene, for example, is one of the all-time greats for a girl girl set up.

Robin Cannes is home with here husband, Steve Drake. She's horny, and ready for loving. But, Steve isn't so into it, for he's reading a very engaging book. No matter how wanton her requests are for action Steve resists, making epic comments such as "This book is very good, you should read it when you haven't got other things on your mind". No amount of her seducing gets Steve interested. So in classic porno form she calls her neighbour (Bunny Bleu) who comes over to relieve Robin of her carnal desires in a scene of licentious lesbian loving. All while Steve keeps reading his book. The perfect device for a girl/girl scene executed flawlessly.

Onto the soundtrack, and to back up all the gorgeous girl on girl groping is a piece of Synth Erotica that is even hotter than Robin and Bunny combined. The perfect drum track is cut with chords that catch fire and synths that smoulder. The music rises and falls in time with the girl's undulating passion, setting the pace for orally orchestrated orgasms.

E3 The Extra Testicle Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse