Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry X Miss: Scene 6

'Tis the season for filthy festive frivolity and hot'n'horny holiday action. To celebrate this always arousing time of the year we have a wonderful piece of yule tide Synth Erotica that will have your stocking's dripping and your mistletoe's curled. Merry X Miss from Vantage Productions was released in 1986 under the astute direction of adult auteur Jack Remy and is an opus of depravity and debauchery with a delightfully festive theme.

From perverted elves to pornographic presents this is a true holiday special that makes for some super hot action and accompanying all this festive fornication is a soundtrack that pays homage to the christmas sounds we love, while adding synthesized sounds of the season to sex things up. Written and performed by Jeff Mullen the soundtrack traverses many styles but scene six, where Merry X Miss herself finally gets her halls decked and her pudding plumbed by Francois Papillon to classicly performed Synth Erotica. The total rapture moaned by Samantha Strong makes for the perfect vocal track accompanying the chorus.

Merry X Miss Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse

I'd like to thank all readers and listeners of Synth Erotica for your patronage and support of Synth Erotica in 2011, it's been a great first year for the site and I look forward to sharing many more sensual symphonies with you in 2012.

I hope everyone has a hardcore holiday and nubile new year!

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