Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moonstroked: Scene 2

Moonstroked from 1988 is one exceptional piece of adult entertainment. Not only is the cast full to the gills with AAA grade talent and action but the premise for the plot is total porno brilliance. In a stroke of genius the plot involves Marc Wallice discovering a magical photocopier that turns paper images into real life objects. So scanning a centrefold results in the actual girl appearing, all hopped up with wanton desires for coital chicanery. This sci-fi themed feature is 80s adult entertainment par excellence.

Scene two has recently brought to life centrefold Nikki Randall making sweet and filthy love with Randy Spears. Nikki Randall is always a star performer but this time she's entirely upstaged by the completely magnificent soundtrack. This is one star studded synthscapade of spacy sounds that are a stellar symphony and a rollicking and raunchy rocket ride. The synth solo beginning at 2:43 of the track is essentially one long continous climax of orgasmic orchestrations. Exhilaratingly and exhaustively erotic to the end.

Moonstroked Scene 2 by Rick Shithouse

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