Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dream Jeans: Scene 5

Dream Jeans from Caballero Home Video uses one of the classic porno movie plot devices of using an object that creates wanton nymphomaniacs of anyone who uses/eats/drinks/watches or, in this case, wears them. The titular Dream Jeans once donned change the wearer from a frigid frump into a horny hottie in seconds, with pornographic pleasures next on their agenda. Interestingly the cast of Dream Jeans is a lower-tier affair, without any of the upper echelon performer of the time present but this goes great length to show you didn't need pornstar-power to create a brilliantly bawdy bonkfest.

Scene five finds Johnny Nineteen driving a van of Dream Jeans stock from the manufacturer and picks up a hitchhiking Mikki Anderson who takes very little time to change into a pair of Dream Jeans and then gives Johnny Nineteen some hot oral favours for his troubles. This sleazily sumptuous scene is driven by some of filthiest and downright rudest Synth Erotica I'm yet to experience. Performed by X.S. Force this is a tour de force of synth work so dirty that you'll need a shower by it's sizzlingly sweaty conclusion.

Dream Jeans Scene 5 by Rick Shithouse

Johnny Nineteen and Mikki Davidson

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