Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thrill St. Blues: Scene 9

The delightfully titled Thrill St. Blues isn't the kinds of porno-parody you might be expecting. It's not a cop sex drama as might be assumed, but instead a simple tale of a brothel (located in Thrill St, of course) and foregoes any kind of structural story by instead focussing on short vignettes based on the works and clients at Thril St.
The sex action is outstanding, gorgeous girls absolutely salivating for salami, and Jamie Gillis and Paul Thomas put in some marvellously wacky performances as the bsuinesses perverted patrons.

This release from Western Visuals in 1985 has a very impressively written and performed soundtrack. From the quality opening theme to the end credits score is a tour de force of saxophone driven rock and break beat synths. Scene nine is the standout track and the high water mark for musicianship and sexiness. Tom Byron and Joanna Storm make magically mesmerizing motions to the horniest of horns and the most sensual of synths. Take a trip down to Thrill St, and a dare you to come back unsatisfied.

Thrill St Blues Scene 9 by Rick Shithouse

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