Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lust Italian Style: Scene 4

Of all our journeys into the wonderous realms of Synth Erotica this particular dalliance reaches levels of truly epoch making pleasures. Caballero's transatlantic triste from 1987 share's talent from both American and European stables and delivers an erotic adventure that combines the best of both worlds.

Scene four gives Christoph Clark a run of fornicating freedom over the delightfully accommodating Marilyn Jess and always alluring Sharon Mitchell. This trio of triumphant tantalising goes all out and the driving force of the action is the synthesized sounds of erotically epic keyboard wizardry. If there is but one soundtrack that defines the sound and style of Synth Erotica it is this purely pornographic pumping piece.

Lust Italian Style Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Une Femme Honnete Double Shot

What you are about to experience is a truly watershed moment for adult film soundtracks. On the cusp of the new wave of the 80s comes Une Femme Honnete (also known as French Flesh)from Dorcel Video, 1982. The reason this is such a special soundtrack is it strides the crossover from the traditionally orchestrated euro 70s soundtrack into the 80s italo driven soundtracks. Dorcel's productions were on the cutting-edge performance wise they were also soundtrack wise and these two tracks provide a wonderful time capsule of the bridge from 70s to 80s sounds.

Scene 4 makes finds our two deliciously delightful damsels, Dominique Saint Claire and Carole Pierac, sapphicly enjoying eachother. The scene is textbook, and the soundtrack melts through imagery with downtempo synths and arrangments that will leave you as a puddle by it's conclusion. A chilled and dreamy course of synthesized treats that will raise your passions and tease your desires from beginning to it's gratifying end.

Une Femme Honnete Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 6 brings us as very enticing menage a trois with Dominique Saint Claire being the object of Jean Pierre Armand and Ghislain Garet's unbridled sexuality. Formalities are dispensed with from the outset and the passions of all involved are laid out bare, wet and brazen. The musical piece rides even harder than the participants with a hook reprise that flows from the essence of passion, generating waves of pleasure that swirl in and out of deep erotic ecstacy.

Une Femme Honnete Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love Dreams: Scene 7

Love Dreams from 1981 focussed on the ample talents of Julia Perrin with a plot of the 'sexual awakening' nature popularised in many 70s classic adult features, as opposed to the more 'dirty girls are sexy' theme of the 80s. The production is on point though, and has a bunch of great fantasy themed scenes, the one that certainly took my breath away was Julias first solo scene. Dressed in thigh high white stockings, red heels and a classic oversized sweater all she needs is a mirror to get herself incredibly hot and bothered.

I'd also like to think it's the exceptional soundtrack the gets her onanistic orgy in full swing. The spaciously sweeping synths douse the scene in electronic ecstacy that builds to the point of no return. An early, but utterly gorgeous piece of synth erotica I hope gets you half as steamed up as Julia does.

Love Dreams Scene 7 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deux Belles Garces: Opening Theme

Marc Dorcel is a name synonomous with european pornography. The man created an empire and like most of the long running smut peddling companies the features made in the 80s are a much superior product to most of their modern work. Deux Belles Garces (Two Hot Bitches) provides some of the most visionary vignettes of adult video-art, with each scene a palpable wet dream of unbridled imagination with rampantly raunchy eurobabes repeatedly ravaged into uncontrollable ecstacy.

The track I've selected is the opening theme, a piece absolutely golden italo disco that will make you yearn for more. The synth melodies and arrangements are brought to us courtesy of Duke DeVille, his understanding of what makes for a passionately erotic score is second to none and will get your pulse racing and your loins throbbing.

We will be revisiting Two Hot Bitches again in future Synth Erotica installments, but for now allow yourself be taken; wholly, by this delectably dirty disco.

Deux Belles Garces Theme by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In Search Of The Golden Bone Double Shot

Thanks to the likes of Dallas/Dynasty/Knots Landing/etc being long running TV series there were many an adult feature taking on their tried and tested plots. The classic wacky inheiritance plot where the cast have to undergo a challenge while it brings out the worst in everyone was a classic plot device and The Search For The Golden Bone was made exactly in this manner. The ever suave Sasha Gabor leaves the challenge to those in his will to find the Golden Bone (yes, it's a gold replica of his cock, as evidenced in the adjacent image) to then grant it's finder all his riches. Totally awesome.

The action is scored by Lacrimae Rarum who's work traverses many lurid styles of music but saves his best for the main theme and scene eight. Both tracks are superbly written and makes for some dirty, dirty times that will make your speakers melt with their steamy symphonies.

In Search Of The Golden Bone Main Theme by Rick Shithouse

Scene eight provides some exhilarating expressions of extremely exhausting ecstacy with the entire cast being serviced within an inch of their lives in an orgy of orgasmic opulence. The groans of totally unbridled sexual congress compliment Lacrimae Rarum's synth work of moistening majesty. Behold the glory of the Golden Bone and it's lasciviously lovely synth erotica.

In Search Of The Golden Bone Scene 8 by Rick Shithouse