Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty As You Feel: Triple X Shot

From industry leader VCX Video comes the perfectly perverted Pretty As You Feel. The plot of which pertains to poor Tom Byron, who's usually pulsating penis has become permanently flaccid. Lynn Ray takes on the job of helping him find his virilty by subjecting him to be an audience to much couple copulation of supremely sordid scenes.

To make the action even hotter there is a maximum triple x overdrive synth score of blistering carnal ferocity!

Scene one finds the bemused Byron viewing a delicate triste between Blake Palmer and Pamela Jennings. With the aid of a common household banana, Palmer manages to draw Pamela into a savage bout of primal passion. The soundtrack forgoes the obvious jungle puns and breaks into solid sixxxteen bit style funk-u-pornosynth. The robotic rhythms rock and roll to the ultimate in synthetic sinsations.
Pretty As You Feel 1 by Rick Shithouse

Scene two begins with the ever raptuous Ginger Lynn getting some gooey girly time in with Lynn Ray and is then joined by the always ready for action Jerry Butler. The still limp Tom Byron watches on as Jerry grinds and drills the two sexxx kittens into exxxstacy. This scene's score is a fast paced synthesized symphony of raunchy rockin that has some of the most furious rhythms of pure sexxxual energy.
Pretty As You Feel 5 by Rick Shithouse

Our final adventure into Pretty As You Feel's seductive soundtrack is from the features most taboo scene. Debbie Northrup succeeds in accepting both Marc Wallice and Greg Rome at the same time in same aperture in a last ditch attempt to get Tom Byron hard again. Debbie takes both eager men like the consumate professional she is and the action gets almost as crazy as the soundtrack. Even smuttier than the double penetration is the triple x orchestration of synthesizer sounds that will leave you exxxhausted, exxxhilirated and in a state of total exxxstacy.
Pretty As You Feel 6 by Rick Shithouse

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