Saturday, June 18, 2011

Free & Foxy: Theme Two

Here is a nice little weekend bonus from VCX Pictures. Some of the bigger studios in the 80s would occassionally release compilation promo features to showcase the new and existing talent as well as promote upcoming releases, in this case we have Free & Foxy. A great compilation of some of VCX's finest filth presented by the ever-capable Kay Parker and Paul Thomas. These two frolic in a jacuzzi while introducing the clips. The whole production varies immensely in quality, and darts around a lot, with some movies looking from the late 70s, but theres also a lot of quality and rare scenes.

But the highlight from this feature, of course, is the synthesized reprise that pops up as the soundtrack to a few scenes and the end credits (but is surprisingly not used as the main theme). It would seem this piece was used where either there wasn't an originally scored track to the scene, so what we have here is a rare gem in the world of synth erotica.

It is a pure and unfettered sexual masterpiece of aural delights and, as I'm sure you'll agree, would enhance any classic porn movie's soundtrack. Thanks to Horst for the compostion and performance and making this music the real highlight from VCX's 1985 line up.

Free & Foxy Theme 2 by Rick Shithouse

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