Monday, October 17, 2011

Deux Belles Garces: Fantasy 3

Our second visit to the elicit shores of Marc Dorcel's 1988 masterpiece Deux Belles Garces had come none too soon. The resplendent raunch of Duke Deville's kinky keyboards are well worth a second bite of the cherry.

This soundtrack provides accompanyment to a daydream interlude in which Carmelo Petrix is having rampant fantasies about a female worker at his auto shop. The delicately dirty Janny Salson provides all the imaginary stimulation Carmelo can handle with her seductively stripping to a soundtrack of deeply sexualised Synth Erotica. What this little diry ditty lacks in length, like most true satisfiers, it makes up for it in pure girth.

Deux Belles Garces Fantasy 3 by Rick Shithouse

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