Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dreams Of Natasha: Scene 3

It's always a surprise to find new erotic classics from the 80s. There was so many movies produced in this period that one often finds gems that have very little history or exposure, often being released originally on VHS and then never heard of again. There were so many companies producing this entertainment that I fear much has been lost over the years. But these new movies surface regularly, out of nowhere one is exposed to the delectable rarities. The big studios, the Cabellero's, the VCA/X's and many other still continue to be prolific smut peddlers, and their legacy movies get remastered and re-released, but theres many that have fallen by the wayside. This post is dedicated to those studios who are but a memory, yet theres always hope to share the love.

Dreams of Natasha came out in 1985 from A&H Sales, this sex-dream fantasy oriented production under the direction of Pablo Cairo contains one of only three performances by British pornstarlet Vidya. This scene with the ever competent Jesse Eastern and Vidya is a special affair, not only because of it's rarity, but because of it's truly filthy electrosleaze Synth Erotica soundtrack. This minimalist piece makes up for it's apparent lack of complexity with oozing percussion and dripping bass that is titillating in its entirety. As subgenre of Synth Erotica, electrosleaze is a dirty and breakbeat driven style that teases and arouses the listener with it's sounds in an almost free form manner that creates an aura of electrifying passion.

Dreams of Natasha Sc3 by Rick Shithouse

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