Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aerobic Sex: Masterpiece Synth Erotica

Of all the 80s themes in adult features my absolute personal favourite is the aerobics/gym gimmick. Like Pumping Flesh (posted in April of this year)Aerobic Sex provides massive amounts of tight steamy lycra and luscious legwarmers. Acres of bouncing bodacious booty gets worked out eight ways til Sunday in a neon coloured 80s dream. I endeavour to uncover all of the classic aerobics themed features over the course of our travels into Synth Erotica, but Magma's classic from somewhere around 1985 bring us copious amounts of copulating composition delectably drenched in synthesized succulence.

The first of this tantalising trio accompanies the first work out vignette where the movies lead, Busenstar Astrid is working out on her own before being interrupted by another gym member who becomes so hot and bothered from Astrid's display that she must have a lesbian triste with another girl in the change room. The music is uttterly flawless Synth Erotica with passionate percussion and raunchy rhythms that will get your heart racing and your lusting peaking in no time.

Aerobic Sex Work Out 1 by Rick Shithouse

The second track is another texxxtbook piece of Synth Erotica, only this time we're taken on an interstella sexual slowride with with sweeping synths and dreamy melodies accentuating the action. This piece accompanies a scene in which Astrid's sexual exhaustion and ecstacy leads her to urinate all over the gym mats she was previously being made love to on. Such perverted pleasures are a mainstay of the Magma line, the depication of the female act of urinating combined with such epic Synth Erotica is a very rare and special combination.

Aerobic Sex Urinary Interlude by Rick Shithouse

The final installment of Aerobic Sex's Masterpiece Synth Erotica is provided by the classic group work out scene. The girls are working hard, realllly hard. So hard that one of them begins fantasizing about being carnally compromised on the gym floor. But the gyrating girls keep working out, the tesing close ups of their lycra clad bodies is almost to much to take when the Synth Erotica kicks in and all passions rise to fever pitch. The sweat glistens and the synthesizers melodies drive the girls to even more wanton acts of lust and desire.

Aerobic Sex Work Out 2 by Rick Shithouse

Phew.. what a work out.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Roll Her Derby

As our journeys into the intimate realms od Synth Erotica continue we're occassionally taken down roads less travelled; dark and unknown paths that leads to unexpected and unrestrained sexual surprises. This is one of those occassions.

Little is known about this clip aside from it being from a complilation entitled Lusty Ladies under the direction of Leon Gucci. My own hypothesis is that the scene itself was shot in the late 70s as an, what's known in the pornographic parlance, 8mm loop that was mainly shown in adult theatres or smut booths. The vintage of the action is surely mid to late 70s judging by the rollerskating plot device and the fashions displayed. Many of these loops were later released on VHS compilations in the early 80s, and I believe this to be one that has undergone a re-dub and had a more modern soundtrack added. I will investigate further and will hopefully source more clips that feature such magnificently orchestrated soundtracks.

What we have in Roll Her Derby is a supremely and suavely symphony of sexualised synthesized sound that's sheer class shines through the poorly mastered source and will give the listener thrill after thrill of electronic ecstacy.

Roll Her Derby by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Candy's Little Sister Sugar: Scene 2

One thing that always stands out to me in what separates modern and vintage adult entertainment (beyond the soundtracks, of course!) is one simple, but always sexy, ingredient: fun. Vintage porn is fun. The performers have fun. The producers have fun. And as a bonus to all the terrific titilation, the watcher also has fun. The sex itself might be serious business, but theres always an air of frivolity and lightheartedness, and the 'entertainment'side was just as important as the 'adult' side.

A fantastic example of this is 1988's Candy's Little Sister Sugar from Vidco. A delightful little Tami White vehicle (who plays the titular Sugar) that involves her looking for lost sister and basically going on a porn-scapade of undercover activity to find her lost sister.

The highlight of the movie is a wonderful little scene involving the always entertaining John Leslie and the always eager Lauryl Canyon. The scene works a great reverse-hypnotism plot device that gets Lauryl seducing the hell out of the helpless Leslie. But the action, while kept ultra-sexy is augmented by a bass driven Synth Erotica track that builds to a crescendo of cataclysmic coital collusion. A completely entrancing piece of mood moistening music.

I hope you enjoy this delicious morsel, by all means, but make sure you have fun doing so.

Candy's Little Sister Sugar Scene 3 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lehrjahre eines Teenagers: Scene 4

The Apprenticeship of a Teenager is an adult feature that could only be made in Europe. The scenarios are pure europorn gold that brings together the innocence of the classic teenage series combined with the filthiest and most rampant of sexualised cinema. These style features were massively popular in the 70s and were the go-to storylines for many of the classic Color Climax loops and the european-style of making porno fun was something lost over time. But these wonderful movies serve as a wonderful reminder of how the european producers so regularly provided innocence and comedy along with insatiable sexual performances.

Scene 4 of Lehrjahre eines Teenagers uses the mechanic's garage as a fantastic plot devices to get a bunch of horny nubiles carnally coerced into luridly lascivious love making. As with many early 80s european adult features the sound track is predominantly 70s pop or orchestral in nature but this scene is treated with a magnificently written piece of early Synth Erotica that again spans the musical styles that divide the 70s and 80s. It's a short but succulently sweet track that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Lehrjahre eines Teenagers Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swedish Erotica 3: Scene 4

Some of our Synth Erotica adventures are titillating, some are light and breezy, some are even initimate and intense, but todays adventure is pure unadulterated sleaze. From the third installment of the four hour Swedish Erotica compilations comes a track so utterly filthy that you too will need a shower by it's completion. The entire orchestration oozes smutty sounds over a sweaty, lace covered slice of some of the filthiest electro funk that's ever dared to be composed.

Poor Tom Byron and Tess Ferre don't stand a chance as their passions are driven beyond human control by the sultry sound of pounding synthesized lust. Beware the power of this lurid lullaby; for only the strongest self control will be able to retain their composure in the face of such unrelentingly sleazey sounds.

Swedish Erotica 3 Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse