Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Candy's Little Sister Sugar: Scene 2

One thing that always stands out to me in what separates modern and vintage adult entertainment (beyond the soundtracks, of course!) is one simple, but always sexy, ingredient: fun. Vintage porn is fun. The performers have fun. The producers have fun. And as a bonus to all the terrific titilation, the watcher also has fun. The sex itself might be serious business, but theres always an air of frivolity and lightheartedness, and the 'entertainment'side was just as important as the 'adult' side.

A fantastic example of this is 1988's Candy's Little Sister Sugar from Vidco. A delightful little Tami White vehicle (who plays the titular Sugar) that involves her looking for lost sister and basically going on a porn-scapade of undercover activity to find her lost sister.

The highlight of the movie is a wonderful little scene involving the always entertaining John Leslie and the always eager Lauryl Canyon. The scene works a great reverse-hypnotism plot device that gets Lauryl seducing the hell out of the helpless Leslie. But the action, while kept ultra-sexy is augmented by a bass driven Synth Erotica track that builds to a crescendo of cataclysmic coital collusion. A completely entrancing piece of mood moistening music.

I hope you enjoy this delicious morsel, by all means, but make sure you have fun doing so.

Candy's Little Sister Sugar Scene 3 by Rick Shithouse

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