Saturday, August 20, 2011

Roll Her Derby

As our journeys into the intimate realms od Synth Erotica continue we're occassionally taken down roads less travelled; dark and unknown paths that leads to unexpected and unrestrained sexual surprises. This is one of those occassions.

Little is known about this clip aside from it being from a complilation entitled Lusty Ladies under the direction of Leon Gucci. My own hypothesis is that the scene itself was shot in the late 70s as an, what's known in the pornographic parlance, 8mm loop that was mainly shown in adult theatres or smut booths. The vintage of the action is surely mid to late 70s judging by the rollerskating plot device and the fashions displayed. Many of these loops were later released on VHS compilations in the early 80s, and I believe this to be one that has undergone a re-dub and had a more modern soundtrack added. I will investigate further and will hopefully source more clips that feature such magnificently orchestrated soundtracks.

What we have in Roll Her Derby is a supremely and suavely symphony of sexualised synthesized sound that's sheer class shines through the poorly mastered source and will give the listener thrill after thrill of electronic ecstacy.

Roll Her Derby by Rick Shithouse

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