Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Scene 1

As a longtime enjoyer of quality smut, I often find the more unabashedly sleazey productions are superior in most departments to a full budget and production movie. These dirty little low budget affairs always offer their own kind of charm that I for one, find very endearing. So comes along Cheap Thrills, and it's not just a title. The action is raw, the vignettes between the scenes come across as strictly "one-take" and theres a lovely unpolished appearance to the overall movie.

To complement the opening scene where Rhonda Jo Petty gets all menage a trois with Georege Payne and Jeff Scott is backed with a short but supremely sweet soundtrack of energetic electronica that makes up for it's length with it's unbridbled passion... as they say in the classics.

This sultry stanza is repeated often throughout the full feature, which it certainly deserves, always a hallmark of the classic low budget porno flick. Thank you Red Light Pictures, and as always, thank you 1985.

Cheap Thrills Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

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