Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aerobic Sex: Masterpiece Synth Erotica

Of all the 80s themes in adult features my absolute personal favourite is the aerobics/gym gimmick. Like Pumping Flesh (posted in April of this year)Aerobic Sex provides massive amounts of tight steamy lycra and luscious legwarmers. Acres of bouncing bodacious booty gets worked out eight ways til Sunday in a neon coloured 80s dream. I endeavour to uncover all of the classic aerobics themed features over the course of our travels into Synth Erotica, but Magma's classic from somewhere around 1985 bring us copious amounts of copulating composition delectably drenched in synthesized succulence.

The first of this tantalising trio accompanies the first work out vignette where the movies lead, Busenstar Astrid is working out on her own before being interrupted by another gym member who becomes so hot and bothered from Astrid's display that she must have a lesbian triste with another girl in the change room. The music is uttterly flawless Synth Erotica with passionate percussion and raunchy rhythms that will get your heart racing and your lusting peaking in no time.

Aerobic Sex Work Out 1 by Rick Shithouse

The second track is another texxxtbook piece of Synth Erotica, only this time we're taken on an interstella sexual slowride with with sweeping synths and dreamy melodies accentuating the action. This piece accompanies a scene in which Astrid's sexual exhaustion and ecstacy leads her to urinate all over the gym mats she was previously being made love to on. Such perverted pleasures are a mainstay of the Magma line, the depication of the female act of urinating combined with such epic Synth Erotica is a very rare and special combination.

Aerobic Sex Urinary Interlude by Rick Shithouse

The final installment of Aerobic Sex's Masterpiece Synth Erotica is provided by the classic group work out scene. The girls are working hard, realllly hard. So hard that one of them begins fantasizing about being carnally compromised on the gym floor. But the gyrating girls keep working out, the tesing close ups of their lycra clad bodies is almost to much to take when the Synth Erotica kicks in and all passions rise to fever pitch. The sweat glistens and the synthesizers melodies drive the girls to even more wanton acts of lust and desire.

Aerobic Sex Work Out 2 by Rick Shithouse

Phew.. what a work out.

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