Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fleshdance: Opening Theme

Fleshdance, from Essex Video, released in 1983 was an adult take on the hugely successful Flashdance movie. Much like the original, Fleshdance follows a young dancer trying to make it. The lead in Fleshdance however is trying to make it into Club Fantasy; a magically sensual strip club that brings the audience's fantasies to vivid sexual life.

As with any classic adult feature of this period the score is a big focus of the entertainment. Tommy Jackson scores a wonderfully rich and arousing soundtrack that complements the action perfectly.

The opening theme is a rock guitar fuelled synthstravaganza of pornographic pleasures and delectable delights.

Fleshdance 1 by Rick Shithouse

Fleshdance: Shanna Evens' First Fantasy

A short but supremely funky piece of music accompanies Shanna Evens' fantasy about dancing nude at Club Fantasy. This track is a powerhouse of driving funk that steams up the screen and makes for some truly erotic aural pleasure.

Short, but sexually sweet.

Fleshdance 2 by Rick Shithouse

Fleshdance: Club Fantasy Threeway Lesbian Scene

Desiree Lane, Je T'Aime and Laurie Smith bring the girl-girl-girl fantasy to life in this epic all girl scene in Fleshdance's Club Fantasy. I fin this the strongest track of the score with some incredible synth work and searing hot handclap work.

The girls pick up the pace and the music follows, Tommy Jackson makes the passion soar to forbidden realms of ecstacy as the girls do the same. Guitars shred with raw sexuality and the synth work and percussion rise to orgasmic levels.

Fleshdance 3 by Rick Shithouse

Fleshdance: Tanya Lawson In Club Fantasy

Club Fantasy plays host to a scantily clad Tanya Lawson dressed as a cat purring about a jungle scene on stage while bedazzled audience member Paul Thomas is entranced into a feline fantasy of carnal cat play.

The soundtrack takes us on a wild jungle adventure with a slow build up and layering of tribal sounds and synthesizer magic. Tommy Jackson's musicianship is on as prominent display as the steamy jungle sex, delivering hit after hit of rapturous rhythms.

Fleshdance 4 by Rick Shithouse

Fleshdance: Shanna Evens' Fantasy

The second last scene in Fleshdance has Shanna Evens dancing in Club Fantasy while fantasizing about a sweat drenched triste with John Leslie. This is the last original Tommy Jackson composition for the feature (intro is repeated for final scene) and is one wild ride into guitar driven synth erotica.

A perfect last track for one epic score of scandalousness. More classic Tommy Jackson adventures in synth erotica will be encountered in further posts.

Fleshdance 5 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Genie's Dirty Girls

The soundtrack to this vignette involving Amanda Davis putting on fluorescent yellow sunglassses and stockings and then tanning up in her friends solarium is as full featured and exciting as Amanda James herself. The music is totally befitting a tanning 80s sex kitten with soaring synth work and driving drums.

A fantastic little gem of synth erotica written and performed by A La Shot from 1987.

Amanda James Tanning Scene by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From Head To Toes

One scene: two complete gems of synth erotica.

There are soundtracks and there are soundtracks. This scene involving Nina Hartley and Christoph Clark in rapturous carnal activities has it's video content entirely upstaged by the audio track. The music starts off moody and sexy with an alluring accompanying guitar melody while the keyboard work builds with solo after beautiful solo and some excellent percussion flourishes. Of special note is the guitar solo at 7.10, a glorious sexually drenched fanfare of steamy licks.

This sets the stage for the second part of the scene which switches into full pink neon synth erotica funk overdrive to the climax. The synth melodies ebb and flow, lapping at the shores of sensuality as the action steams up the screen. A truly epic chapter of sexually charged aural pleasures.

I hope you enjoy these two supremely sonically sexy tracks as much as I do.

From Head to Toes 1 by Rick Shithouse

From Head to Toes 2 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nasty Nurses Opening Theme

Released by Caballero Home Video in 1983, Nasty Nurses provides hot and steamy action with a General Hospital style backdrop. The score by Platinum Black is pure sensual ecstacy for synth lovers, the score not only accents but enhances the on screen action in a truly arousing way.

Lets take a ride into the realms of synth erotica.

Nasty Nurses Intro by Rick Shithouse

Nasty Nurses Scene #2

"You show this to all your patients?"

Nurse Becky Savage doesn't let a few superficial injuries Paul Thomas stop her from teasing her patient with ample assets before giving him some super hot oral medicine. Definitely my favourite piece from this soundtrack, the totally rocking guitars and synth work make for the perfect mix of symphonic sexual stimulation.

Nasty Nurses Scene 2 by Rick Shithouse

Nasty Nurses Scene #3

Dr John Holmes seduces nurse Misty Dawn to a truly epic synthporn piece written and performed by Platinum Black. Driving rhythms and swirling dreamy sounds create an atmosphere of pure carnal bliss. The action and the music and in the scene builds to a fevered climax that explodes into a crescendo of sex soaked passion.

Nasty Nurses Scene 3 by Rick Shithouse

Nasty Nurses End Theme

Platinum Black's end opus to Nasty Nurses has one hell of a sex dripping bass line that funks up a whole mess aural eroticism. Superb synth work on this ending theme, a marvellous companion piece to the opening theme. This soundtrack starts of strong and just gets stronger.

A great ending to great exponent of the golden age of 80s adult feature films. Masterpiece synth erotica.

Nasty Nurses End Credits by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brazilian Connection Scene #7

 "Think of all the money,.. and me. I go with the money"

The 1980s lifestyle put so succinctly by Buffy Davis in this wonderfully orchestrated scene from Brazilian Connection. Released in 1987 this feature adult film has a truly wonderful soundtrack that I'll be revisiting in the future.

This proves as an excellent introduction to the world of Synth Erotica.

Brazilian Connection Scene #7 by Rick Shithouse

I hope you'll continue with me to journey into the sensual realms of this truly golden age of adult film scores.