Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love Dreams: Scene 7

Love Dreams from 1981 focussed on the ample talents of Julia Perrin with a plot of the 'sexual awakening' nature popularised in many 70s classic adult features, as opposed to the more 'dirty girls are sexy' theme of the 80s. The production is on point though, and has a bunch of great fantasy themed scenes, the one that certainly took my breath away was Julias first solo scene. Dressed in thigh high white stockings, red heels and a classic oversized sweater all she needs is a mirror to get herself incredibly hot and bothered.

I'd also like to think it's the exceptional soundtrack the gets her onanistic orgy in full swing. The spaciously sweeping synths douse the scene in electronic ecstacy that builds to the point of no return. An early, but utterly gorgeous piece of synth erotica I hope gets you half as steamed up as Julia does.

Love Dreams Scene 7 by Rick Shithouse

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