Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lust Potion of Dr. F: Scene 7

From the always magical year of 1986 comes The Lust Potion of Dr. F from prolific studio Western Visuals. The porno gimmick of the scientist developing some magical elixir that leads to everyone getting laid by super hot pornvixens is a classic device, but this lovely romp twists things into a more Jekyll and Hyde affair with Mike Horner taking this wonderdrug and being transformed into a pure beefcake male stripper played by Chris Chase (complete with red bow tie and collar) that allows him to have all manner of fornicating forays with his staff and anyone else who gets in the way.

The finale for the movie find Dr F bedding the true object of his dirty desires, the perenially pornolicious Krista Lane. Under the guise of his Chippendale-esque alter ego he has his licentious liasion with her to her gratious satisfaction. But the performance from Ms Lane is not the real highlight. Alas the pure sexual ecstacy provided by the the copulating couple is massively overshadowed by an enigmatic and dazzling synthual overture. The groans and moans of Krista provide the perfect vocal track to this mesmerizing music, a symbiosis of synths and sex making for some incendiary intimate intercourse.

Lust Potion of Dr F Scene 7 by Rick Shithouse

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