Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anal Pleasures Double Shot

From AVC Pictures comes the ubiquitous fetish flick Anal Pleasures from 1988.
This serves as a vehicle for much anally delivered sexual fantasies with an all star cast the goes all the way to to make sure this quite taboo subject was well and truly captured in glorious NTSC colour. The soundtrack to this production meanders through many genres and styles, but scenes 1 and 3 provide some magical moments of pure synth erotica.

Scene 1 opens up with Jon Dough taking his time to explore Dana Lynn before taking her the only way the will do the job properly in a movie entitled Anal Pleasures. The scene starts slow and builds up to a frenetic pace. But the real star is the amazingly scored soundtrack. This epic runs through the fields of fetishdom and washes up on the shores of sumptuous synthillating sounds.
Anal Pleasures Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 3 finds the buxomly beautiful Trinity Loren seducing Shane Hunter until she begs him to take her on a journey up the dark passage. What transpires over the course of the love making is a sweaty and seductive scene of purely raw raunch. Again, though it is the soundtrack which upstages the visuals as the score provides another odyssey of unbridled fusion synth erotica of the most senusal calibre.
Sex was invented for this music.
Anal Pleasures Scene 3 by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Night Trips 2: Scene 4

Coming in at the very end of the golden age of synth erotica is 1990's Night Trips 2. A sequel to the very successful original outing from the previous year these features began the new resurgence in the high production values and budgets that ushered in the early 90s and the Andrew Blake era. Of course there was still much low budget smut peddled throughout the 90s, but the classic style that was 80s porn was changing.

Night Trips 2 contained break-through cinematography for it's time and lavish production values. Not the least of this was spent on the epic synth laden soundtrack. The stand out piece appears in scene four, when Dr Randy Spears finally gets to play doctors and nurses with Cheri Taylor. The sound track builds slowly and deliberately, with a tempo that exudes pure and wanton passsion.

By the time the crescendo hits the action reaches fever pitch and the afterglow of the soundtrack provides a wonderfully satisfying finish.

Night Trips 2 Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swedish Erotica 15: Lois Ayres & Tom Byron

The Swedish Erotica series provide a maginificent timecapsule of vintage adult film making. Caballero Classics have released many, many volumes of these delightfully dirty compilations and as they cover many years of production the exact years of some scene's productions are unknown. This virile little vignette is most certainly however from the mid 80s as can be heard by the absoloutely stunning soundtrack.

Continuing with my voyeur affair with Lois Ayres comes another of her performances, this time with the always willing and able Tom Byron. To add even more sleaze to this perfect soundtrack is that the entire scene plays out on the stoop of a trailer home. Pure class and visionary directing.

Back to the soundtrack, and what a beautiful piece of classic synth erotica it is. From the drum lead in to the melodies themselves this track is an astounding adventure of aural amour. Let the waves of synth erotica wash over you and eventually drown you in total sexual ecstacy.

Swedish Erotica 15 LA-TB by Rick Shithouse

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nightshift Nurses: Scene 8

VCA Pictures were one of the post prolific adult studios in the golden age of erotica and Nightshift Nurses was a flagship title released in 1987. This movie became an instant classic that stood out from the crowd, the production values were high and the soundtrack was a very well produced affair. For the most part, however, the soundtrack contained mainly soft pop inspired music, and it's only scene eight that gets a heavy dose of ultrasleazey synth erotica.

In the last scene Steven Hennessey finally gets to have his way with nurse Lois Ayres in a back-room scene that probably realised most hospital custodians fantasies. Lois, as always, it utterly rampaging in her lustful needs, and to match her appetite is a sound track of total debauchery and dirty, dirty ribald raunchiness.

Nightshift Nurses Scene 8 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Convenience Store Girls: Main Theme

Convenience Store Girls comes to us from 1986 courtesy of Vidco productions. A series of vignettes involving our favourite convenience store customer service chicks providing services well beyond their job descriptions.

The soundtrack to this sordid little classic is a scintillatingly sleazy synth symphony of delightfully dirty dimensions. Composed by virtuoso visionary; Harold P. Niss, this is a true treat to the discerning ears of all synth erotica connoisseurs.

Convenience Store Girls Theme by Rick Shithouse

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Skintight: End Theme

Annette Haven vehicle: Skintight, was an epic adult feature from 1981 with superb production values, an exceptional cast and super steamy action. Ed De Priest's carnally charged adventure into forbidden sexual pleasures contains a soundtrack to match with a predominantly 70s stadium rock style soundtrack, as was the trend for many adult features from this period.

The highlight, however, is a massively dramatic piece of cosmic synth work that is used numerous times during the movie, but played in it's fullness over the end credits.

A wonderful piece of early synth erotica written and performed by Paul Sabu.

An interesting final note on this piece is the use of The B-52's Planet Claire that can be heard during the opening. Planet Claire's intro is also used as the soundtrack to the final scene of Skintight, but is not cited in the credits.

Theme From Skintight by Rick Shithouse