Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sex F/X: Scene 4

Sex F/X from the Zane Entertainment Group was released in 1986 under the direction of Darrell Lovestrange. This sci-fi sexcapade is unrelenting in it's power charged action but it's soundtrack eclipses all visual stimulation by a massive, dripping, margin.

The reason for this? One word: foreplay. Musical foreplay is commonly referred to as the 'intro' but it's this introduction to the music that sets the scene and gets the mood just right. It's a warming up, and the gorgeous piece of Synth Erotica we're visiting with today provides ample foreplay before it drops megatons of explosively raw sexuality. The teasing and coyness of the intro makes you long for the full-stroke of the meat of the track and as the drums and guitars lead in we experience full depth aural penetration as the sexfunk electro synths shake us to our very cores. How Tracey Adams and Jason Brooks managed to not explode into a symphony of orgasmic ecstacy when it hits is beyond me. What a ride, and what a superb piece of classic Synth Erotica.

Sex FX Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dreams Of Natasha: Scene 3

It's always a surprise to find new erotic classics from the 80s. There was so many movies produced in this period that one often finds gems that have very little history or exposure, often being released originally on VHS and then never heard of again. There were so many companies producing this entertainment that I fear much has been lost over the years. But these new movies surface regularly, out of nowhere one is exposed to the delectable rarities. The big studios, the Cabellero's, the VCA/X's and many other still continue to be prolific smut peddlers, and their legacy movies get remastered and re-released, but theres many that have fallen by the wayside. This post is dedicated to those studios who are but a memory, yet theres always hope to share the love.

Dreams of Natasha came out in 1985 from A&H Sales, this sex-dream fantasy oriented production under the direction of Pablo Cairo contains one of only three performances by British pornstarlet Vidya. This scene with the ever competent Jesse Eastern and Vidya is a special affair, not only because of it's rarity, but because of it's truly filthy electrosleaze Synth Erotica soundtrack. This minimalist piece makes up for it's apparent lack of complexity with oozing percussion and dripping bass that is titillating in its entirety. As subgenre of Synth Erotica, electrosleaze is a dirty and breakbeat driven style that teases and arouses the listener with it's sounds in an almost free form manner that creates an aura of electrifying passion.

Dreams of Natasha Sc3 by Rick Shithouse

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moonstroked: Scene 2

Moonstroked from 1988 is one exceptional piece of adult entertainment. Not only is the cast full to the gills with AAA grade talent and action but the premise for the plot is total porno brilliance. In a stroke of genius the plot involves Marc Wallice discovering a magical photocopier that turns paper images into real life objects. So scanning a centrefold results in the actual girl appearing, all hopped up with wanton desires for coital chicanery. This sci-fi themed feature is 80s adult entertainment par excellence.

Scene two has recently brought to life centrefold Nikki Randall making sweet and filthy love with Randy Spears. Nikki Randall is always a star performer but this time she's entirely upstaged by the completely magnificent soundtrack. This is one star studded synthscapade of spacy sounds that are a stellar symphony and a rollicking and raunchy rocket ride. The synth solo beginning at 2:43 of the track is essentially one long continous climax of orgasmic orchestrations. Exhilaratingly and exhaustively erotic to the end.

Moonstroked Scene 2 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thrill St. Blues: Scene 9

The delightfully titled Thrill St. Blues isn't the kinds of porno-parody you might be expecting. It's not a cop sex drama as might be assumed, but instead a simple tale of a brothel (located in Thrill St, of course) and foregoes any kind of structural story by instead focussing on short vignettes based on the works and clients at Thril St.
The sex action is outstanding, gorgeous girls absolutely salivating for salami, and Jamie Gillis and Paul Thomas put in some marvellously wacky performances as the bsuinesses perverted patrons.

This release from Western Visuals in 1985 has a very impressively written and performed soundtrack. From the quality opening theme to the end credits score is a tour de force of saxophone driven rock and break beat synths. Scene nine is the standout track and the high water mark for musicianship and sexiness. Tom Byron and Joanna Storm make magically mesmerizing motions to the horniest of horns and the most sensual of synths. Take a trip down to Thrill St, and a dare you to come back unsatisfied.

Thrill St Blues Scene 9 by Rick Shithouse

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Head Games - Masterpiece Synth Erotica

Head Games is a relatively unknown gem in the grand archive of 80s video pornography from Western Visuals. Created in 1985 this wonderfully erotic experience contains a sterling soundtrack from John Further that covers many genres but contains three absoloutely exceptional pieces of pure Synth Erotica that are sure to entertain and arouse. The story follows a soap opera style plot rife with seduction, cheating, fantasies and forbidden pleasures. The female cast, lead by Amber Lynn, may not be considered a heavily star-studded line up but the action and wanton desire displayed in all scenes is undoubtedly top-shelf adult fare. As one of Bruce Seven's lesser know features Head Games is a very fine example of the golden age of adult entertainment.

The first sex scene per se is a lesbian triste between Amber Lynn and Aurora. The seduction by Amber Lynn is all Aurora can to resist, but it takes Amber little time to get to pleasuring Aurora as only a girl can. This first scene provides our first piece of Synth Erotica with a real treat of what is essentially John Further's re-imagining of Harold Faltermeyer's Axel F. The similarities are uncanny, but the sexualised synth work is supremely sexier in this incarnation thanks to the extra layer of sleaze Further has beautifully worked in.

Head Games Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

Our next dalliance in deabauchery arrives in scene six with Amber Lynn and Peter North doing what they do best; poolside. Peter North is always a machine-like performer and Amber Lynn is in orgasmic overload for the duration of the animalistic aquatic action. This time the eminent Mr Further takes some inspiration from Duran Duran's Rio, but adds a sordid synth solo that runs almost the duration of the track. This is a sythphony of unbridled eroticism as the notes climb so does our arousal to the ultimately wet and satisfying conclusion.

Head Games Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse

The last scene we'll be visiting on this juicy journey is the final all girl scene, this time a three way girl on girl on girl affair with Karen Summers, Caressa and Heather Wayne making full use of a bubble filled bath tub. The score comes in fresh this time with no obvious inspiration and instead shines as a truly original musical masterpiece with a driving bass line that is accented with some of the hottest and horniest synth solos ever. An aural orgasm that takes the girls over the edge into orgasmic oblivion.

Head Games Scene 7 by Rick Shithouse

Such greatness found in John Further's work in uncommon. His works inspired by others and his own creations have made Head Games, in particular, a superb example of classic Synth Erotica. I hope they provide you the same inspiration, and arousal, as they did for me.