Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deux Belles Garces: Opening Theme

Marc Dorcel is a name synonomous with european pornography. The man created an empire and like most of the long running smut peddling companies the features made in the 80s are a much superior product to most of their modern work. Deux Belles Garces (Two Hot Bitches) provides some of the most visionary vignettes of adult video-art, with each scene a palpable wet dream of unbridled imagination with rampantly raunchy eurobabes repeatedly ravaged into uncontrollable ecstacy.

The track I've selected is the opening theme, a piece absolutely golden italo disco that will make you yearn for more. The synth melodies and arrangements are brought to us courtesy of Duke DeVille, his understanding of what makes for a passionately erotic score is second to none and will get your pulse racing and your loins throbbing.

We will be revisiting Two Hot Bitches again in future Synth Erotica installments, but for now allow yourself be taken; wholly, by this delectably dirty disco.

Deux Belles Garces Theme by Rick Shithouse

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