Monday, April 25, 2011

Joy Toys

Joy Toys is a great adult feature from genre genius William Whett's Wet Video. Released in the golden year of 1985 this movie was a dildo-driven exploration of the endless uses of adult toys. The action comes hard and fast and two scenes in particular feature excellent synthesizer saturated soundtracks.

Scene 5

Heather Wayne tries to clean up her act in the shower only to have Kevin James take her from behind. This steamy scene is augmented with an aural affection of astounding aspirations as the keyboards spread their tones or torrid temptation to exciting ends. A wet and wild ride to be sure!

Joy Toys Scene 5 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 6

Continuing on the wet theme, the always delectable Gina Carrera takes a dip in a hot tub and entices Steve Powers into some even wetter toy play. This scene is alsoc accompanied by a magnificent opus of erotic synth work that takes us on another dripping fantasy laden with seductive sounds.

Joy Toys Scene 6 by Rick Shithouse

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