Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Teresa: The Woman Who Loved Men 2: Scene 6

There are varying degrees of love I have for all the songs I post, but this piece of synthesised sexuality is one of the most wonderful of all the erotic escapades I've thus encountered.

From 1988's Teresa: The Woman Who Loved Men 2 comes a scene where Roy hunter and Gerard Luig are attempting to get intimate with a blow up doll of Teresa Orlowski when she magically appears in the flesh in front of them and takes them on a real life fantasy they'll never forget. The main melody of the soundtrack is utterly gorgeous, with synths serenely slipping through the steamy seductions.

This high-water-mark in synth erotica comes from towards the end of our favourite decade, surprisingly, but is truly a wonderous example of the european style.
TeresaTWWLM2 Sc6 by Rick Shithouse

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