Saturday, April 2, 2011

Le Porte Aux Putes: Finale

My first foray into classic European adult features begins with Marc Dorcel's Le Porte Aux Putes from 1984. This no-nonsense down and dirty Euro-sleaze takes the usual format of the nubile young girls who are looking for a good time and the middle aged guys who show it to them. As with many of these classics from Europe the final scene is an orgy involving the entire cast. Although the rest of the entire movie is devoid of any kind of musical soundtrack the orgy scene is accompanied by a wonderful piece of synth erotica spiced up with some italo flavour.

The mood gets hotter and hotter as more and more bodies join the action and the music keeps the sexual tension taut and teasing. The writhing pile of fondling fornicators are urged along by a soundtrack that takes the classic italo sound from the 80s and laces it with sexually charged synth magic.

Le Porte Aux Putes finale by Rick Shithouse

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