Saturday, April 9, 2011

Night On The Wild Side Double Shot

Another Tommy Jackson opus of opulence taken from the Vista Video feature from 1986. Both tracks are outstanding and show Tommy Jackson's talent for writing such wonderful synth erotica.

Scene 2 has John Holmes, Kirk Wilder ravaging the eager and excited Janey Robbins in a bar. The synth melodies are as explicit as the action with brilliant melodies that match the pace of this menage a trois. Tommy's free-form synth work milks the music into sexual supernova.
Night On The Wild Side 2 by Rick Shithouse

Scene 5 spoils us with another Jackson symphony whil Kay Park is coerced into a four way triste with Janey Robbins, Rebecca London and Rick Savage. This stairway affair is accompanied by one of the best porn funk bass lines the 80s ever produced. The funk oozes and slides while the synths punctuate the melody perfectly.

The bass work gets all up in the action while the bodies writhe and intertwine onscreen. A whirling dervish of depraved debauchery.

Night On The Wild Side 5 by Rick Shithouse

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