Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seventeen's Retro Teens Of The 70s: Scene 12

Seventeen were one of the greatest production companies released a huge amount of classic euro porn in the 70s and 80s. Their teen-centric, headband adorned casts virtually set the blueprint for todays modern amateur porn and serves as a wonderful time capsule of vintage european sexcapades.

This solo scene of an unknown nubile euroteen is titled On Vacation and she sets out her towel in a nice green field and sets about relieving herself of the days stresses as only a girl herself knows how to do.

To accompany her lithe body, writhing in nature, there is an astonishingly arousing soundtrack of classic 80s synth work. Although the compilation is titled "Of The 70s" this piece of music is most definitely from the 80s. I hope you enjoy this exciting and enticingly crafted piece of electronic ecstacy.

17 Retro Teens Scene 12 by Rick Shithouse

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  1. Thanks for your email re Funky Frolic. I like your work here, synth and porn is a tasty mix. Keep up the good work!