Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cherry Cheesecake: Scene 1

I'm assuming this track is a rarity, as the wonderful synth soundtrack to Cherry Cheesecake only exists on the German dub. The U.S original has a more rock-pop (and far less interesting) style soundtrack. The european release flavours the action with scintillating synths the enhance the scenes no end.

This opener has Joey Silvera photographing a sultry Rhonda Jo Petty in a sylishly neon lit studio. The model soon becomes far too aroused to contain her lust and exacts her passion on Joey. The soundtrack is in two pieces; a moody and raunchy opening which then makes way for a climax inducing part two. Prefectly orchestrated music that takes you on a neon lit ride into the dark and dripping realms of synth erotica.

Cherry Cheesecake Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

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