Wednesday, January 11, 2012

E3: The Extra Testicle: Scene 1

Of all the classic parody-porno names, E3: The Extra Testicle is one that always seems to be most remembered, even more than 25 years after it's release. Clever names aside, this movie features aliens and lots of sex. In lots of combinations, but always in superb situations. This opening scene, for example, is one of the all-time greats for a girl girl set up.

Robin Cannes is home with here husband, Steve Drake. She's horny, and ready for loving. But, Steve isn't so into it, for he's reading a very engaging book. No matter how wanton her requests are for action Steve resists, making epic comments such as "This book is very good, you should read it when you haven't got other things on your mind". No amount of her seducing gets Steve interested. So in classic porno form she calls her neighbour (Bunny Bleu) who comes over to relieve Robin of her carnal desires in a scene of licentious lesbian loving. All while Steve keeps reading his book. The perfect device for a girl/girl scene executed flawlessly.

Onto the soundtrack, and to back up all the gorgeous girl on girl groping is a piece of Synth Erotica that is even hotter than Robin and Bunny combined. The perfect drum track is cut with chords that catch fire and synths that smoulder. The music rises and falls in time with the girl's undulating passion, setting the pace for orally orchestrated orgasms.

E3 The Extra Testicle Scene 1 by Rick Shithouse

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