Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inside Candy Samples: Scene 2

Today on Synth Erotica we're going back to 1985, courtesy of LA Video's classic porno flick Inside Candy Samples. Psychiatrist/Therapist themed plots were all the rage in the mid 80s, afterall everyone in Hollywood was 'in therapy' as a lifestyle choice then. Which brings us to this gem where Candy plays a sex therapist and Heather Wayne her willing and able assistant. The obligatory couch and fantasy scenes are true porno classics, and the score is a brilliantly written work of perfect Synth Erotica.

Scene 2 finds assistant Heather Wayne taking care of Aurora, as professionally as possible. While the girls do much oral therapy on eachother they're accompanied by some of filthiest funk filled Synth Erotica I've yet to hear. The music oozes and swells with a writhing tempo of salaciously scored sleaze. A beautiful example of classicly performed mid 80s Synth Erotica.

Inside Candy Samples Sc2 by Rick Shithouse

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