Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Penetration Of Elle Rio: Scene 5

Once in a while you hear music that is so perfect that the experience almost transcends preconceived ideas about what makes something so aurally pleasing. This is one of those pieces of music. As a work of art this provides a reference point for what truly is Synth Erotica. A genre defining piece that you know, within seconds of experiencing, is something you'll never forget.

From Collector's Video in 1987, The Penetration Of Elle Rio is great vehicle for sizzling starlet Elle Rio to get into all kinds of salacious sexcapades but scene five finds her in the loving arms of prono main stay, Sharon Mitchell. The girls go from raunchy to raucous in a matter of seconds with a passion surely fuelled by the brilliance of the Synth Erotica soundtrack. From the intro to the bass line, from the melodies to the changes this is inexorably intoxicating erotic electronic entertainment of the highest order.

Penetration Of Elle Rio Sc5 by Rick Shithouse

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