Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Divine Decadence: Scene 5

Crossover productions between American and European studios in the 80s resulted in some timeless classics combining the best talents from both sides of the Atlantic. Divine Decadence proved to be an arousing triste with Henri Pachard's directorial talents getting very hot action of some of Europe's finest starlets, the end result being a Cabellero classic from 1987.

All manner of passionate perversions are erotically explored for the film's duration and scene five provids an action packed threeway between Catherine Crystal, Roberto Bigo and Titus Sting. What takes place is no less than a rampantly raunchy romp with a soundtrack to match. Synthesizers oozed sumptuously dripping melodies that writhe and moan in scandalous synchronization with torridly teasing trio. An experience sure to leave you hot, damp and hungering for more.

Divine Decadence Scene 5 by Rick Shithouse

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