Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Body Music: Scene 4

Time to revisit an old friend. One that we've spent some beautiful, intimate, quality time with before. I'm talking about Body Music. A fine piece of adult entertainment we first experienced in September 2011 (please click here for that post) that I'm sure will conjure warm, wet and wonderful memories.

This week's trip back to the more than aptly named Body Music takes us to scene four. Randy West is auditioning Victoria Paris in the only way he knows how; hard and deep. When the clothing starts dropping, the music starts popping with some sweat drenched basslines that would make anyone fall to their knees in erotic exclamation. The synth erotica enraptures the listener and entraps them in a web of jauntily juicy melodies and orchestral stabs that go oh so deep. The end result is glorious composition that will bring your body and mind to total carnal capitulation.

Body Music Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

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