Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Triple X-Posure: Opening Theme

Occassionally a piece of music comes along that breaks the mould and raises the bar even higher. Preconceived ideas of what defines a genre are forever forgotten, replaced by the new high watermark. This is one of those moments, courtesy of Vidco Entertainment's Triple X-Posure. The opening to this tour de force features the epic song Wicked Lady as the theme. And yes, I said 'song'. Not only does this piece have copious amounts of dripping and glistening Synth Erotica, but it also features a sterling vocal track.

The unknown vocalist sounds like a total rocker. Exuding primal sexuality with every stanza. the exclaiming of the chorus is sure to melt anyones heart, leaving a moist puddle in it's wake. The solos and details in the song are erotically magical, warm synth pulse in time with pounding drums in a symphony of Synth Erotica.

Theme From Triple X-Posure by Rick Shithouse

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