Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marina Heat: Scene 4

Marina Heat from Cal Vista provides lots of jaunty jetty-side joy with Amber Lynn and Buck Adams playing the roles of reporters attempting to uncover the salacious sleaze permeating the harbour's moorings. It doesn't take long for both performers to get well into the seamy underbelly of scintillating sex and intoxicating intimacies.

The unadulterated filth and raunch of this piece of synth gold is written and performed by period Synth Erotica maestro Harold P. Niss. The melodies drip with excitation and synth leads gyrate and grind with petulent percussion. The breakdowns are pure lust, taking the atmosphere to the point of climax before delving deeper and deeper into the insatiable instrumentation on inexplicable excstacy.
  Marina Heat Scene 4 by Rick Shithouse

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