Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Sexxxy Circle Completes And New Passions Rise

Greetings dear fans of Synth Erotica. It has been many a moon since the last post on your favourite sordid stop off for 80s porn soundtracks. My main site, Synthetix.FM, has taken much of my time away from delving into the synth sleaze of yesteryear but something special has come up to renew my intimate love affair with aural 80s erotica that just might see a return to form for this dirty little corner of the internet.

That 'special thing' is a wonderful new compilation from some of the 80s inspired synth scene's sexxxiest talent creating new homages to wonderful 80s porno sounds. Retro Promenade has just released Gonzo Golden Globes and boy howdy does this compilation make things rise, in all the right places. One of the main reasons I began this explicit journey into the past as to give appreciation and inspiration to those lovers of 80s synth sounds and in some small way the work here has helped make this stunning compilation a glistening and proud work of curvaceously seductive art.

From Jon Of The Shred's 70s palette of sweat drenched keyboards and moistening guitars the music sets a tone that is unmistakably alluring and arousing. Dramatic pumping and thumping continues with Andrioux's gyrating work that's sure to leave wet patches that'll last til the morning. New Jack-Off Swing becomes the filthy flavour of 猫 シ Corp. - コカイン with speeds moving up and down in unison with the action. A piece that would be a beautiful accompaniment to a sixth generation VHS copy of any of Andrew Blake's early 90s masterpieces.

Blaze Station saunters into the bedroom with domination and explicit instructions on their filthy mind as one succumbs to pleasures unlimited whilst sitting like a well behaved dog on the floor besides the silken sheets of the king sized bed. Eager to please,  our anticipation being impossible to hide in such flimsy attire. Antics get bouncy with the nude off-campus pillow fight anthem that Apollo Zapp creates whilst the monster peeking through the window gets his chainsaw's gas tank filled before crashing in unexpectedly.

The sheer overflow of the sexxxiest juices floods in with Vincent Remember plunging deeper and deeper as things get wetter and wetter. The heat becomes unbearable and tastes like electricity as control is lost in a pool of ecstasy. Next on the list is the one and only Who Ha himself requiring no introduction, his robe falling to the ground amid gasps of wanton lust from the bevy of beauties poised to receive his masculine gift, over and over again.

The scene brings on more electro-stim-ulation with KFDDA's Amongst The Animals bringing to mind writhing masses of pink humanity searching for satisfaction to pulsing sounds synth arousal. Night Flight ushers in a pairing off as such as one is led by the hand to be further led by the gland into the cool night breeze. Hot, dripping mouths explore aching flesh in the pale blue moonlight with the saxophone love call directing the insatiable action.

The smut dens of Copenhagen, Paris and other European hotspots bloom into lusciously fleshy flowers with Fixions piece 'Les reves secrets de Valerie 3'. Playful seaside frolics become ribald adventures into eroticism within seconds; the sun beating down almost as hard as the viewers and listeners. To give a wonderfully dark contrast to this frivolity we find Troxum  garbed in gasmask and rubber pants to take on pleasures of a different kind as the 'Love Torus' is applied with a tantalising snugness that then soon becomes an engorged sceptre of twitching pleasure.

You see the sparkling eyes and cheeky smile on Hypercan's 'Cocojuice Airlines' and cop a glorious eyeful while being strapped in. But make sure your hands are free for some inflight entertainment that is sure to keep you in an upright position from take off til you arrive at your hot and humid destination. Dan Terminus dials it down a few notches and choose a slower pace for his night affairs as plays all the right notes around 'Samantha's Magenta Vagina' as her cries of desire turn her magical parts even more colourful shades.

Leaving subtlety in his other pants and opting for an 'all in' approach to his bedroom behaviours, Kid Flash get his momentum just right for the emanations from the nether regions to sing in a chorus of carnal eruptions. The MILF hunter himself, Vincenzo Salvia, goes on an open range cougar safari with the 'Italian Gigolo' leaving the industry's best in wake of exhausted, quivering flesh. Questing for lust the mature maidens succumb to his licentious prowess one after another.

A reprieve from intensity comes with t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者's ambiguous melodies of steamy seduction, you can feel the sexual tension through the scan lines and peer deeper into the NTSC visions for higher meanings to satisfaction. Tracking things back into a clearer picture is Pablo Johnson's rendition 'MoneyShot' with slow motion ejaculations arcing white streams of ecstatic pleasures in majestic waves.

You can't fault Dress2Kills ambitions with 'Fuck Her Right In The Pussy' leaving little to the imagination but giving plenty for the eyes to take in as the human jackhammer himself takes to the action at such a fervent pace your first thought is that you'd accidentally pressed fast forward on the remote. Heading back to European flavours the art porn of Cosmovitali escorts you into the dungeon. Deprived of sensory pleasures one listens intently to the commands our captor and mistress as we're escorted onto the streets and paraded about in the most humiliatingly arousing way possible.

The depriving of senses becomes the combining of senses in RF Extremes 'Sex On My Meatballs' with panting desires making a three course dinner of carnal delights with 'All You Can Eat' taking on a whole new meaning.  Beatbox Machinery take the action out of the dining room and puts things firmly in the bedroom where the sax is smooth and the sex even smoother.

Eurosleaze comes back with a vengeance with Peazy86 applying vast amounts of aural softness to the grinding and groaning of salacious seductions accompanied by the perfect dirty talk in German that needs no subtitle track to understand. Completing the Gonzo Golden Globes is the marvellous Shio-Z Remix of Apollo Zapps' piece of classic disco smut 'Laser Tits', ensuring the afterglow will be felt long after things return to their regular dimensions.

Gonzo Golden Globes is the soundtrack you need to have in your life for those intimate times with a loved one, or with yourself. Pick up your own copy of this superb compilation on Retro Promenade's Bandcamp page here in a plain brown paper digital wrapper and feel the rhythms and passions within set your desires ablaze while those Gonzo Golden Globes jiggle you to ecstasy.


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